PC Games Digital Subscription: Two-year digital subscription + free advertising + game bonus

PC Games Digital Subscription: Two-year digital subscription + free advertising + game bonus

PC Games Digital Subscription

"Digital is better" was already being sung by Tocotronic in the 90s. At the time, however, they didn't know that they could only mean our recently introduced PC Games Digital subscription. With the new two-year digital subscription to PC Games, you not only get 24 issues of the magazine conveniently as PDF, you also receive advertising-free on the website and a game bonus from our partner Gamesplanet. You can choose from Resident Evil Village, Werewolf The Apocalypse: Earthblood, Chivalry 2, It Takes Two and more. A complete overview of the games can be found at Gamesplanet.

ORDER NOW High-quality PC Games Digital bonus Two-year subscription + ad-free + game bonus 79.98 euros for two years

How do I get the game bonus in the Desired subscription?

If your subscription includes a bonus, it will be sent to you by post. The dispatch takes place approx. 14 days after receipt of payment.

First choose an interesting game at Gamesplanet, then go to the Computec webshop and log in (if you don't have an account, you should create one). Then you order the subscription you want and receive the key for Gamesplanet in the mail as soon as the subscription has been paid for. Here you log in, put the game you want in the shopping cart, redeem the Gamesplanet voucher and you will get your favorite game.

Game rewards One-year print subscription and two-year subscription Digital. Source: Gamesplanet Is the digital subscription not for you after all? Then you can also take out a classic print subscription. You will receive 12 printed issues of PC Games Extended with DvD and full version delivered to your home and you will also receive a game bonus from the pool of titles that you can also choose for the two-year digital subscription.

ORDER NOW PC Games Extended Print with DVD Annual subscription: 12 printed issues + games bonus 72 euros per year You get more choice for the two-year print subscription "Readers advertise readers". Here are titles like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Edition, Deathloop and smashers like Biomutant and F1 2021! A complete overview of the games can be found at Gamesplanet.

ORDER NOW Readers refer readers: PC Games Extended Print with DVD two-year subscription + bonus 144 euros for two years game bonuses for two-year subscription "Readers refer readers ". Quelle: Gamesplanet You get the best of both worlds with the extended combo annual subscription. In addition to twelve printed editions that you get delivered to your home, you also receive the editions in digital form and get access to older digital editions, you can visit pcgames.de without advertising and also choose a game bonus at Gamesplanet. You can see what these are as usual at Gamesplanet.

ORDER NOW PC Games Extended with DVD Combined Annual Subscription: 12 printed issues + digital editions + ad-free + games bonus 84 euros per year

Game subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass make gaming more accessible for disabled gamers

Gaming subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are gaining popularity in a world where subscriptions are everywhere. Digital streaming subscription services like Netflix and Disney+ have become an integral part of the entertainment industry, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the gaming industry seems to be following suit.

Microsoft’s premier gaming subscription service, Xbox Game Pass has been around for a few years now and is full of old and new titles that subscribers to the service can try out for as long as the games are on the platform. The service is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Android. Microsoft is constantly adding and removing titles from the service, and the company has even released many games on Game Pass as soon as they launch.

PlayStation’s equivalent to Game Pass is called PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now is a little different, offering only titles from older consoles, but it has a huge, and still growing, library of games available. The service is available on PS5, PS4, and PC and offers access to over 700 titles from PS4, PS3 and PS2.

Subscriptions make gaming more accessible for everybody xbox game pass coming to pcImage: Microsoft

These subscription services are great for everybody. Not only can users stream games to multiple devices using the services, but these subscriptions also allow players to try a multitude of games all for one price instead of having to pay full price for each game. This is where these services shine the most.

For just about every gamer out there, being able to try out a multitude of games for a relatively affordable flat fee (Xbox Game Pass is around $15 a month and PlayStation Now is $60 a year) is great, but this holds true even more for disabled gamers who may not know if a game even has accessibility options that meet their needs.

For some gamers, it is imperative that a game have certain accessibility features, such as subtitles, colorblind mode, or customizable controls to even be playable. There’s not much worse than getting excited and buying a new game just to find out that the game is unplayable. While accessibility has certainly become more of a priority in the gaming industry, unfortunately, there are still some titles out there that are going to be unplayable by some people. This is where these subscription services can be really beneficial.

In addition to giving gamers unlimited access to a large library of games, gaming subscription services can give disabled gamers more financial security in the gaming world. Though the services are not necessarily cheap, the peace of mind that comes with them outweighs the costs.

Refund rules aren’t necessarily very friendly and are different depending on the platform. For example, per Steam rules, a game must be returned within two weeks of purchase and have less than two hours of playtime in order to receive a full refund. Sometimes a game may seem completely playable until after that time is up, meaning the user would have to eat the cost and be left with an unplayable game. Subscription services eliminate that issue altogether, making sure users won’t have to pay for something they cannot use.

More accessible gaming is a win for everybody

Game subscription services have finally become big in the gaming world, and their presence is a win for everybody. Giving gamers the option to play a vast library of games while giving them financial peace of mind is a great thing. Hopefully the accessibility movement in the gaming world will continue, and more disabled gamers are able to experience the wonders of gaming in the future.

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