Nintendo Switch: New games in week 15 + highlights + sale

Nintendo Switch: New games in week 15 + highlights + sale

Nintendo Switch

In the new week (week 15 from April 12th to 18th, 2021) there will be plenty of games for the Nintendo Switch, all games will appear digitally in the console's eShop and some also as retail versions in free trade. Different developers, publishers, indies and Co. publish all possible ports, AAA titles, indies, remasters, exclusive games, remakes and many other titles for the Switch. In around two weeks, for example, there will be the next release from Nintendo itself with New Pokémon Snap, you can find our large preview including video version here!

Table of contents

1 New games for the Nintendo Switch in CW15 2 New demos for the Nintendo Switch in CW15 3 Highlights from the current Switch sale in CW15 Around 35 new games will be released this week for the Switch and some new demo versions that are available in the eShop. In the digital store of the Nintendo console, a lot of games are currently again reduced in price, in some cases significantly, including Nintendo games. The new releases, a link to all offers in the eShop and the best deals from the current sale can be found at the bottom of the article.

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New games for the Nintendo Switch in week 15

Archery Blast (3.99 euros) Cannon Brawl (9.99 euros) Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition (19.99 euros) Dragon Audit (9.99 euros) Emily Archer and the Curse of Tutankhamun (9.99 euros) FEZ (13.99 euros) Godstrike (12.49 euros) Heal: Console Edition (5.99 euros) Hitchhiker - A puzzle game (19, 99 euros) Isolomus (1.99 euros) Kingdom of Arcadia (5.99 euros) Knight Squad 2 (12.99 euros) Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami (16.79 euros) Myastere - Ruins of Deazniff - (17.99 euros) Park Inc (2.49 euros) Pocoyo Party (29.99 euros) Poison Control (39.99 euros) Rain on Your Parade (12.99 euros) Ravensword: Shadowlands (6.99 euros) ReactorX (4.99 euros) Relicta (19.99 euros) Rock 'N Racing Bundle 3 in 1 (24.99 euros) SaGa Frontier Remastered (24.99 euros) Snowball Collections Bubble (5.99 euros) Space Marshals (14.99 euros) Stitchy in Tooki Trouble (12.99 euros) Team Troopers (15.90 euros) The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark (11.49 euros) The Lo nging (14.99 euros) There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (12.99 euros) Throw it! Animal Park (3.88 euros) Tribal Pass (5.99 euros) ZombieVital DG (11.80 euros)

New demos for the Nintendo Switch in week 15

No new demos

Highlights from the current Switch -Sale in week 15

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 (5.99 instead of 14.99 euros) Bakugan: Champions from Vestroia (24.99 instead of 49.99 euros) Cat Quest (6.49 instead of 12.99 euros) Crysis Remastered (16.49 instead of 29.99 euros) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (9.59 instead of 59.99 euros) Dead Cells (17.49 instead of 24.99 euros) Felix the Reaper (2.49 instead of 24.99 euros ) Fox n Forests (2.99 instead of 29.99 euros) Hades (19.99 instead of 24.99 euros) Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition (23.99 instead of 39.99 euros) Iconoclasts (7.99 instead of 19 , 99 euros) Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition (32.99 instead of 59.99 euros) Lego City Undercover (14.99 instead of 59.99 euros) Manticore - Galaxy on Fire (3.99 instead of 19.99 euros) Metro 2033 Redux (9.99 instead of 24.99 euros) Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (15.99 instead of 39.99 euros) Mortal Kombat 11 ( 19.99 instead of 49.99 euros) One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 - Deluxe Edition (11.99 instead of 59.99 euros) Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas (5.99 instead of 14.99 euros) Resident Evil (12.99 euros) instead of 19.99 euros) Resident Evil Revelations (7.99 instead of 19.99 euros) RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition (19.49 instead of 29.99 euros) Seal of Solitude: The Director's Cut (13.99 instead of 19.99 euros ) Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (29.99 instead of 39.99 euros) Here you can find an overview of all the games currently on sale from the Switch eShop!

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