Nintendo: the most expensive collectible games you can buy online

Nintendo: the most expensive collectible games you can buy online


We are seeing a real price explosion regarding retrogaming collecting. In recent years, the prices concerning games of the past have reached unthinkable values ​​only until recently, with ratings skyrocketing, especially as regards the "sealed" copies, that is, still covered by the factory. The Japanese market was certainly the least affected by this surge in prices, perhaps thanks to the large number of copies printed in the past and the availability made easier by the huge number of chains that deal with resale.

The European and American markets in particular have, on the contrary, been the protagonists of an uncontrolled rise in prices. We must also consider the fact that often these are objects that due to their characteristics (conditions, presence or absence of packaging, accessories) are absolutely unique on the web, and their evaluation is often very subjective and not very inclined to the classic market laws supply / demand, the latter being absolutely low.

Over the years, companies specialized in giving a unique and fair price to certain collectibles have been created to overcome this multitude of prices and valuations, exactly as an auction house would do. One of the most famous is WataGames, which is trusted by most experienced retailers as well as buyers who want to be sure of what they are buying. The "Wata rating" is decidedly professional and takes into account many factors regarding the physical state of the game and then gives a vote expressed in decimals, up to a maximum of 10 (which means "perfect" and "new"). In this ranking we will discover the games with the highest prices, referring however to the "basic" editions and not to the luxurious and very rare limited editions. Let's find out together, today, which are the Nintendo collectible games with the highest ratings on the web. Notify your bank manager in case you find anything in the cellar!

5 - Metroid II - Return of Samus (Gameboy)

With a valuation of 7,299.99 euros in fifth place c 'is that little gem of Metroid II: Return of Samus, a black and white action masterpiece recently appreciated thanks to the 3DS virtual console. First game to introduce save modules (the first still used passwords), it ranks temporally after Metroid Prime 3 and before Super Metroid.

4 - The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Let's go to the NES because the third most rated game right now in the most popular online auctions is another timeless masterpiece: The Legend of Zelda, the first 8bit chapter in perfect condition, frosted and without dents is worth the beauty of 7,500 EUR . If you had a copy in these conditions, would you prefer to monetize or keep it in a safe? Given the recent boom in valuations for this genre of games, it's easy to think that prices could rise even more in the near future, just like works of art or other "safe havens" like Rolex watches. Video games as an investment for children could be a valid excuse to tell your wife (or husband) to do some crazy shopping online.

3 - Punch Out (NES)

Excluding some online sellers who charge really "crazy" prices (not that those in this ranking are not, mind you, but some sellers tend to "shoot too high" in ratings a bit), currently the third most expensive game for a Nintendo console it is Punch Out for NES, valued at 7,544.29 euros at current exchange rates, obviously in "mint" condition, incelophane, without dents or signs of aging. The official valuation in these cases is essential to be able to reach certain valuations, and these items are often also auctioned at real auctions for off-internet collectors, exactly as is the case for the most sought-after works of art.

2 - World LEAGUE Basket (Super NES)

One of the very first most rated games right now for Nintendo consoles is a SuperNES game. We do not know why but World League Basket is currently valued at 11,632.29 euros at the current exchange rate (it is sold in pounds), probably due to a poor circulation and the perfect condition of the game, obviously "mint" and rated above 9 on the Wata scale. , essential certification to be able to sell to true collectors. In reality it is a game that, under normal or used conditions, is worth a breakfast or a little more, but the recent craze for boxed collections has made it quite rare to find. Hence, this absurd evaluation.

1 - Pokèmon Yellow (Game Boy)

On the top step of the podium of rarities and crazy evaluations we find, without surprise, a historic GameBoy title: that Pokèmon Yellow that at the time made a great success with audiences and critics. Also in this case we are talking about a game that has sold a myriad of copies all over the world, but the fact of finding one sealed has made its value fly to well ... 23,266.90 euros at the current exchange rate. We limit ourselves to reporting this price, because in reality there would also be a Blue Pokèmon sold for 69,999 euros, a Red Pokèmon for sale at 39,999 euros and a Super Castlevania for Super Nintendo for about 35,000 euros. Probably these are evaluations simply out of all logic and placed them only hoping that some wealthy do "the madness", in any case it seems quite plausible that a copy of an old Pokèmon boxed and in perfect condition could actually represent the most Nintendo game. expensive among online auctions. If we were you, we would go to give a peek in the attic!

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