N-ZONE: Monster Hunter Rise and Nintendo Milestones

N-ZONE: Monster Hunter Rise and Nintendo Milestones


No spring fatigue, the Switch is wild even in the quiet first months of the year, with Monster Hunter Rise, the new installment in Capcom's flagship action RPG series. What we particularly liked about the Switch game (and what not) can be found in the test. For hunters of all ages, we also have tips in the service area that make it much easier to get started with the monster hunt. For the big special in the magazine, on the other hand, we turn our gaze to the past, namely in the direction of the biggest and most important games that existed on NES, SNES, Game Boy (Color) and N64. Do you know them all?

N-ZONE: Monster Hunter Rise, Nintendo milestones, New Pokémon Snap and much more (1) Source: Computec Media GmbH Of course, that wasn't all; In the preview area, we summarize our new findings from a virtual preview event on New Pokémon Snap, take a look at The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and have played a lot of balls in the two sports games Knockout City and Roller Champions. In the test area, Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon compete in the duel of the farming simulations, and without giving too much away - there is a clear loser. We also took a close look at the Switch version of Apex Legends: Is it really that horrible to play? In the retro area we are flipping around (Poké) balls this time, in the column we discuss the hype surrounding Pokémon trading cards and there is of course something to be won on the community pages. You don't have to do without the usual categories such as letters to the editor, news from the NIntendo world and more!

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Child awarded €80,000 after bookcase collapses in creche

A child left with a scar on his scalp after a bookcase fell on him in a crèche while he was trying to climb up it has secured €80,000 under a settlement of his High Court action.

Alexander Harris was aged four at the time of the incident at N Zone Sports Creche and After School Club in Kinsealy, Co Dublin, on April 4 2016.

Through his mother Victoria Jones, a pharmacist, of Portmarnock, Co Dublin, he brought proceedings against Michael Nugent Tennis Academy Ltd, trading as N Zone Sports Creche and After School Club, with registered offices at Posey Row, Malahide Road, Kinsealy.

The case proceeded by way of assessment only and Mr Justice Garrett Simons this week ruled an €80,000 settlement offer for the boy, now aged nine years.

In an affidavit, his mother said her son was under supervision of the defendant’s staff when a bookcase/shelving unit fell and struck him on the head while he was attempting to climb up it, causing a severe laceration to the right side of his head.

Hospital treatment

He was treated in Temple Street Children’s Hospital where he underwent a general anaesthetic for purposes of washout of the scalp laceration and closure of the wound. A CT scan of the brain confirmed there was no fracture to his skull and he was discharged the next day.

Soon after, he began to complain of headaches every other day, started to suffer from night terrors and also experienced, inter alia, heightened emotional sensitivity, she said.

As a result, she and his father took their son for neurological review and a neurosurgeon observed in June 2016 he had some behavioural issues. The neurosurgeon was of the view in October 2016 his symptoms had by then resolved.

15cm scar

She said a consultant plastic surgeon who examined her son in 2020 confirmed he has a 15cm scar from the crown of his hair down towards the ear and then vertically along the hairline which is mature and not visible from a conventional distance, especially with his hair cut at a reasonable length. The surgeon’s view was that his post-injury concussion difficulties had resolved and he had been left with a permanent scar on his scalp of good quality and not requiring further surgery.

While the scar is presently thankfully covered by her son’s hair, it is visible if his hair is wet or gets blow out of the way, Ms Jones said. It may also become visible if he loses his hair when he gets older, she added.

In all the circumstances, the parents were happy to accept the statement offer, she said.

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