Mario Draghi, vaccines and the conscience of the 35-year-old psychologist

Mario Draghi, vaccines and the conscience of the 35-year-old psychologist

Mario Draghi

Who, from the beginning, gave the non-priority categories the opportunity to get vaccinated? Nobody in this country ever has the courage to say "yes, we were wrong but now let's run and there will be no more mistakes"

But who gave them the opportunity, to the "35-year-old psychologist" who doesn't is on the front line, to book, get in line, go to the vaccination center, make a minimum of medical history, sign the informed consent and get vaccinated? Did you blackmail the doctor? Did he make it up? The starting point on the chaos of recent months, which too many elderly and frail people have left uncovered by protection, slowing down the drop in the lethality rate and still condemning us to hundreds of deaths a day, should - indeed, had to - be this, in the press conference of yesterday by Mario Draghi.

(Photo by Roberto Monaldo / AM POOL / Getty Images) And instead, to explain the reasons for a campaign that has not yet achieved any of the objectives set by the EU but also set by Those responsible (not the protection of 80% of the over 80s by March, not the 500 thousand administrations per day) have drawn out the call to conscience. A term that struck us, because we had used it months ago and immediately, at that moment, placed in contrast with the poor organization of the first phases: already on January 12 we counted 100 thousand vaccinated people who did not know why they had received a injection, given that they were neither among doctors and health workers nor among the guests of the RSA. It was not yet the era of the AstraZeneca mess, first reserved for under 55s, then suspended, now recommended for those over 60, and we were already counting wasted doses (in terms of reducing the lethality rate).

Instead of attributing responsibilities to those who allowed secondary categories to be vaccinated, with all due respect to the order of psychologists, "teachers" for pretending masters with a few hours a year or Abruzzo park rangers, the president of The Council avoided referring to the regions and preferred to point the finger at the citizen, dusting off that conscience to which we should not even need to appeal, if things worked: "With what conscience people skip the list knowing that they expose them to concrete risk deaths of people over 75 or frail? ". That it is a fact full of responsibility, as he later added, is sacrosanct. But a vaccination campaign of epic proportions is not carried out by focusing on conscience or a sense of responsibility, or at least not only: it is designed efficiently, limiting the room for maneuver to the utmost, setting clear and unavoidable objectives to local administrations.

In short, if someone has skipped the list, perhaps even in good faith, it is because someone else has allowed their category to gain that undue priority: yet no one, not even Draghi, has called the regional presidents to account of the Far West they have authorized in recent months. And that today leads us to have very low coverage among the over 70s and still incomplete results over the age of 80. AstraZeneca's excuse, previously only available under the age of 55, is relative: first, because the vaccine has become available to everyone since the beginning of March, a month and a half have passed. Second, because the statistics were full of crafty people from the very first days of administration, when we only had Pfizer in our hands.

Ugly vice, this Italian, truly immortal: as always we demand fairness, which is obviously the minimum to live in a civil society, without however building a system that favors it and indeed produces it "by design", that is a mechanism whereby even if they wanted to, no one would find room to cheat, do their own thing, press to pass forward or skip the line. br>
This time it is even worse: apart from relatives and friends of the doctors called at the end of the day, from the lawyers to the administrators it was the local health authorities and regions that gave the green light to the dispersion of doses for non-risk categories up to the reverse of the very latest days. So, conscience aside, in theory those people received a summons and presented themselves. Do we want to try them all or, perhaps, would it no longer be useful to go up the chain and understand who allowed this to happen? There is never anyone who has the courage to say "yes, we made a mistake but now let's run and there will be no more mistakes". Otherwise yesterday it was runners, nightlife and dog owners, today the thirty-five-year-old psychologists and tomorrow who knows who else: just as the hope to which Count and Hope referred in the most complex periods of the pandemic is not a strategy, conscience is not a guarantee. We need more, to vaccinate 50 million people in a few months.

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