Lupine III - Return to the Origins back to Italy 2

Lupine III - Return to the Origins back to Italy 2

Change the afternoon schedule of the souls of Italia 2 which welcomes again Lupine III - Return to the Origins. The adventures of the gentleman thief created by Monkey Punch will return starting tomorrow Monday, April 26 with 3 daily episodes from 5 pm in addition to Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Here are the synopses of the first three episodes:

Ep1 The girl from the two towers: Lupine and Jigen reach a secret server farm where the crypto coins resulting from the sales are collected of an illegal site. Ep2 Hunt for Lupine: Lupine, exasperated by the "game" in which he found himself involved that sees him sought after by everyone, decides to show himself on social networks and give directions to be found. Ep3 Target in the Desert: All the killers in the country are on the hunt for Lupine to win the online contest reward based on the date of his elimination.

Lupine III - Return to the Origins, some details

Lupine III - Return to the Origins is the fifth anime series and consists of 24 episodes aired in Japan between April and September 2018 while in Italy it arrived between December and February 2018.

The anime is directed by Yuichiro Yano (L'avventura Italiana) and was developed by Telecom Animation Film with scripts by Ichiro Okouchi (Code Geass, Devilman crybaby), character design by Hisao Yokobori (Lupine - Italian Game), the soundtrack was composed by Yuji Ohno, historical author of the music of the animated adventures of the character.

Recently, Anime Factory has announced a new edition of 4K UHD blu-ray , The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and Il Castello di Cagliostro or two of the most popular productions linked to the historic Lupine III franchise, find the details in our dedicated article.

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About Lupine III

Lupine III is a manga centered on the character of the same name, Arsenio Lupine III, created in 1967 by the mangaka Monkey Punch and loosely based on the character of Arsène Lupine created by Maurice Leblanc. Various anime have been drawn from the comics, both television and film transpositions, live-action feature films and merchandising inspired by the characters of the comic series and their animated version. It debuted on August 10, 1967 on the pages of Weekly Manga Action, a weekly magazine from the Futabasha publishing house.

We remind you that classic anime has recently returned to newsstands, in this dedicated article you will find all the details!

Waiting for these new editions, recovered the first historical series of Lupine III in blue-ray on Amazon!

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