Librogame: the new releases of April 2021

Librogame: the new releases of April 2021


Now that Easter has passed, let's see which gamebooks have jumped out of the eggs!


The Forgotten Tomb Serpentarium has officially announced its entry into the world of gamebooks: their first volume, The Forgotten Tomb, is a game book set in the world of The Last Torch, an openly old school role-playing game, a fantasy place populated by incredible creatures and dominated by magic and evil.

We left the quiet of the White Wood for see the Landes with our eyes. Now in front of us is the entrance to the Forgotten Tomb. A place full of dangers, but also of buried treasures and secrets just waiting to be rediscovered. Will we have what it takes to go inside and face the Adventure? Entering the Forgotten Tomb is easy ...

The regulation will be a simplified reinterpretation of that of the RPG "The Last Torch", divided into 8 Characteristics (Agility, Courage, Strength, Intelligence, Magic, Dexterity, Perception, Sociality ) and 2 relevant scores (Health and Mana). To carry out a test (called Test) it will be necessary to use one or two 10-sided nuts. Performing a Test on a Characteristic requires you to roll the corresponding number of Dice (one or two), choose the best result if you roll two dice (so never add) and compare it with the difficulty of the Test (called Target). If the result is equal to the Target or greater, the Test was successful, otherwise it failed.

The author, Fabio Passamonti, has a long experience in role-playing games (having collaborated, among others, in Numenéra and Vampires: La Masquerade) and most recently works steadily with Serpentarium for The Last Torch.

The book is already available for preorder on the publisher's website.

The Forgotten Tomb is available for online preorder

Raven editions

Hocus & Pocus - The Exam of the Favolini Masters After Captive, a comic game designed for an adult audience, Raven is preparing to bring in Italy the first comic game of the Hocus & Pocus series, with decidedly more playful tones and aimed at a younger audience.

L'Esame dei Maestri Favolini (this is the title of the comic game), is set in a world where the fairy tales are reality. We will find the characters of the most famous fairy tales - such as Little Red Riding Hood, or the seven dwarfs of Snow White - revisited in a comic and irreverent key. In the world of Hocus & Pocus there is a school where children learn to interact with magical animals, the "fairy tales", with which they will one day be able to help people who need them.

The story begins with the desperate appeal of two parents, whose children are lost in the forest: two of the most brilliant students, Hocus and Pocus, are hired to solve the situation.

As a player, we can choose to follow Hocus (the child) or Pocus (the girl), in what is basically a book with two adventures, and before leaving we will have to choose which of the 3 Pokém ... oops, I meant fairy tales to bring with us. Each of the three allows a different special power with which to overcome the obstacles placed along the way, but after using it we will have to make sure that we have the right food for our fairy tale which, otherwise, will fall asleep from the effort.

During the adventure, we will then have the opportunity to find other fairy tales, which can help us overcome the many puzzles, rebus and other games to solve. A score in stars will then serve to demonstrate how successful we will have been during our mission.

The volume should go to print in April.

Librarsi Edizioni

Il Corriere di Camelot The second title of the newly created Librarsi series has been announced, dedicated to Mini Games, or short and quick-reading game books. It will be the Corriere di Camelot, co-written by Gianmario Marrelli & Elisa Pasquini.

Until now, their activity had been limited to the amateur field: we had seen them as competitors and winners of the Foglio Game competition by Modena Play in 2019, as well as among the participants in the Teseo di Tambù Trophy, precisely with the Corriere di Camelot, a work full of interesting ideas both from a narrative and a playful point of view.

Countless are the exploits of the knights of the round table that the storytellers tell in every corner of the town. But no one knows them better than us: the courier of Camelot.

As Arthur's messenger we have traveled the length and breadth of the kingdom of Logres, bringing the news of the heroic deeds of Lancelot and the other paladins.

Today, unfortunately, we will have to bring news of misfortune: the situation is dramatic and any help can make a difference. It will be up to us to get involved to save the lands of Logres from the threat of the evil Mordred and the witch Morgana. And as if that weren't enough, King Arthur has mysteriously disappeared…

The time available is limited and, therefore, we will have to decide wisely how to use it. We will be able to ask for support from the knights of the nearby castles to face the impending battle, or seek help in the magic that still permeates the most mysterious places of this land.


Yaga! Aristea has already revealed the arrival of a new series for his game books, with the title still top secret.

What we know, however, is how the game book that will have the honor of inaugurating the new series will be called : Yaga! , written by Gabriele Simionato, former author of Vesta Shutdown. The book will be illustrated by Erica Rossi and Fabio Porfidia.

Simionato, the author of Aristea's superclassic sci-fi, loves to move in different genres and this time he takes us into the Slavic folklore, of which we will play perhaps the most famous character: the wicked witch Baba Yaga, who a sometimes it is not the antagonist, but the protagonist of a darkly colored story, but seasoned with black humor and enriched by very innovative mechanics.

The game book follows a map structure and some intuitions that push more and more Gabriele's production in the direction of the graphic adventure.

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