Italy has devised a new "battery-operated" label for food calories

Italy has devised a new battery-operated label for food calories

Nutrinform Battery is the new optional labeling that indicates 5 values ​​to keep an eye on. It will be the alternative to the European "traffic light" system. Four ministries involved in the launch

Example of a new Nutrinform Battery label for food (from website) A new labeling system for food packages, complete with a logo in the shape of an energy battery to indicate the values ​​of the different nutritional components: it is the Nutrinform Battery project, which recently saw the light under the aegis of four ministries to allow consumers to make informed choices at the table.

The new pictogram scale depicts five "piles" relating to as many items : fats, saturated fats, sugars and salt whose content is expressed in grams, while the energy value is indicated both in Joules and in calories. The data concerns each portion contained in the package, in this way it is possible to decide the useful quantity to be taken for a balanced diet. The benchmark is based on the average intakes for an adult, recommended in the European Union (8,400 kJ or 2,000 kcal).

Food companies have the right, and not the obligation, to adopt the Nutrinform Battery , which was drawn up by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, Health, Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, which owns it. In fact, it will be an alternative to the Nutri-Score, the European "traffic light" ranking based on five letter levels from A to E, considered penalizing for products of the Mediterranean diet. The labeling system devised in France, based on 40 scientific studies, has been targeted by criticism because it is considered incapable, perhaps in its extreme intuitiveness, of doing justice to the virtues of local foods, sometimes being misunderstood by unexpected comparisons between olive oil and Coca Cola.

Nutrinform itself, more detailed in indicating the food factors to be kept under control, was conceived in collaboration with the operators of the agri-food chain and developed with the support of the experts of the Higher Institute of Health and the Council for Economic and Food Research (Crea), in compliance with the presentation methods decided by the European regulation 1169 of 2011. The decree, published in the Official Journal at the beginning of December, was followed by a user manual. On the official website of the initiative it is already possible to fill out an online form, download and print the label with the five batteries.

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