How many vaccines must be administered this week by the Regions to reach 500 thousand

How many vaccines must be administered this week by the Regions to reach 500 thousand

Commissioner Figliuolo sets the new objectives until April 29 to get closer to the goal of half a million doses

(Photo: Facebook Region of Lombardy) The vaccination campaign in Italy has recorded an increase in dose administrations and a increase in the number of vaccination points. The weekly report for the period between 16 and 22 April, published by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, records an increase of over 2.5 million vaccines administered compared to the previous reference week. According to government estimates, the threshold of 500 thousand inoculations per day will be reached by 29 April. So far, Italy has received just under 20 million doses, of which 2.7 million in the last week alone. Of the total, according to the data recorded up to 23 April, more than 17 million have been administered. Vaccination points also increased, growing from 2276 to 2360.


Infogram In relation to the most vulnerable categories, vaccinations have increased by 5 in the last week, 12%, bringing the total of people over 80 who received at least one dose to 81.21%, while those with complete vaccination reached 53.82% (equal to more than 2.4 million people). Lower data in the age group between 70 and 79 years, where 45.09% received a dose and only 5.69% received full vaccination (over 300 thousand people). Health personnel reached 94.03% vaccinated with one dose and 78.58% with two (for a total of over 280 thousand people). Instead, 73.89% of school staff received one dose and only 1.88% two (equal to more than 28,000 people).

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Infogram The government has announced the arrival of over 5 million new doses between April 27 and May 5. In addition, the commissioner structure sent the new daily administration targets to the regions and autonomous provinces. From this week, the targets will follow a model of gradual increase that "if respected, can lead to 500 thousand by the end of the month".

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