Hong Guang Mini EV is the best-selling electric car and beats Tesla

Hong Guang Mini EV is the best-selling electric car and beats Tesla

Directly from China, comes what appears to be a real lesson on how to implement effective strategies in the automotive sector. In fact, in the first 200 days from the start of production, 200,000 units of the small electric vehicle Hong Guang Mini EV were sold, registering a number of registrations of 36,000 units in January 2021 and approximately 20,000 units in February of same year. The Mini EV (which obviously has nothing to do with the MINI brand owned by BMW) is available in two and four-seater versions and guarantees a range of around 170 km and reaches a top speed of 100 km / h. .

Obviously, the success achieved by the vehicle is mainly due to the fact that the price is really very low. In fact, the small electric car sold exclusively on the Chinese market costs around 3,600 euros. The difference between its rival, the Model 3, is very substantial since the electric car from Elon Musk's company can be purchased at a base price of 33,900 euros. SGMW executives themselves were surprised by the overwhelming success achieved with the market launch of the small car. The hope was to reach sales of around 3,000 units per month, but the number of vehicles that arrived in January was ten times higher.

So, thanks to these data, the super-compact Hong Guang Mini EV seems to have stolen the title of best-selling electric vehicle in the world from the Tesla brand and, therefore, from the Model 3. In fact, the vehicle of the house Californian car came 35,200 units in the first two months of 2021, while - as stated earlier - the Chinese vehicle, born thanks to the collaboration between Saic Motor, Wuling Motors and General Motors, sold about 56,000. Obviously, the unexpected success achieved by the super-compact produced in China could mean that the vehicle could sooner or later reach other world markets as well.

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