Google has canceled its April Fool's Day also for 2021

Google has canceled its April Fool's Day also for 2021

For the second consecutive year, Mountain View has paused the jokes, claiming that for now in the world there is still little to joke about. Too bad, because some of the funniest April's Fools' of recent years have come from Big G

(photo: AMY OSBORNE / AFP via Getty Images) No April Fools for Google, again this year. Given the pandemic in progress, the Mountain View giant doesn't want to joke: Big G has renewed its abstention from the day of jokes, as it had already done in 2020.

The confirmation came from an internal confidential email to managers published by Business Insider. A further step in the opposite direction to that taken in recent years, when Google had amazed the world with ingenious ideas such as a treasure hunt via Google Maps - an idea that later became famous thanks to Pokémon Go - a now upcoming human settlement on Mars in times (it was 2011) in which Elon Musk had not yet put it in the sights, or of a wonderful translator for animals.

For Google, April 1st, however, is a certain date importance even outside the jokes: the Gmail e-mail service was announced on this very day, in 2004.

“Over the past year I have been heartened by how much our products, programs and people been useful during one of the most difficult times in human history, ”Marvin Chow, Google's vice president of global marketing earlier this March wrote to employees. "We did it with sensitivity and empathy, reflecting the range of stimulating experiences that so many are experiencing globally." "W ith much of the world still grappling with crucial challenges, this year we will put the jokes on hold for April Fool's Day again. Like last year, we will find other appropriate ways to bring moments of joy to our users, ”continued Chow.

Other large companies such as Volkswagen have instead played in advance, preferring to make fun of their users, and also making important newspapers fall into their trap.

Voltswagen, confirmed the new name for the American market

- IlSole24ORE (@ sole24ore) March 30, 2021

The year However, Google might think again of a joke so successful that it has to be immediately withdrawn: it happened with the Mic-Drop button inserted for the occasion in Gmail in 2016. By pressing it, users would have sent the email just composed with the automatic as a signature of a gif of the Minions from the movie Despicable Me, where the little character drops the microphone. Great for business emails, but sadly unfulfilled.

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