Fantasy Comics: Tips for Reading

Fantasy Comics: Tips for Reading

Fantasy Comics

From superheroes to science fiction, from cyberpunk to detective stories, all tastes of readers can find an answer to their reading cravings. Therefore, also the Fantasy could not be missing, which after offering incredible adventures with the great literary sagas, showed how even within the comics context it can be a source of stories of great charm, giving life to great classics such as Elfquest, Conan or Red Sonja. Between classic inspirations and more experimental narratives, comic fantasy has shown itself capable of offering great adventures to readers, leading to the inevitable question: what are the best fantasy comics? Fantasy comics, whether it be sagas or one-shot, have become an increasingly popular presence in comics, offering readers a wide range of adventures to choose from.

Which comics are interesting more interesting to read?

A tricky question. Talking about the 'best' is always risky, because while going beyond the objective aspects, the last word is always linked to the personal taste of the reader. That is why in this selection of fantasy comics we do not want to impose a list of the 'best', but give some reading advice by presenting those fantasy comics that have struck us most. And for this reason, periodically, our list will be updated, there will be new tips, becoming a continuous journey that we would like to share with you.

Seven to Eternity Brindille The kingdom of Fanes Gli Orcs-Gods Rigor Mortis Birthright Drizzit Middlewest Dragonero Monstress Bone Darek Reaver Rat Queens

Seven to Eternity

Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña choose to create a mean and dilapidated fantasy world, in which humanity is joined by other races. The world of Zhal is dominated by the King of Mud, a despot who, thanks to his power to understand the most hidden desires in people's souls, has created a kingdom based on moral corruption and the slavery of those who oppose him. To counter him a group of rebels, including Adam Osiris, a fallen knight close to death, with a past bond with the King of Mud. Accompanied by other heroes, Adam is committed to undoing the mistakes of the past in the only way he can imagine: destroying the Mud King!

The author duo choose to use fantasy as a setting in which insert a cowardly and wicked humanity, whose inner weakness becomes the strength of the villain of the series. Betrayals, violence and conspiracies are on the agenda, but they are thwarted by the protagonists' desire to do, for once, the 'right thing', knowing that other potential threats are hidden behind this apparently noble intent.

The series, published overseas by Image Comics, is still in progress, and in Italy it can be read thanks to the volumes of Panini Comics.


A particular fantasy, in which our sensitivity is caressed by a poetic story. A young woman escapes a devastating fire, saving herself by taking refuge in a forest, where she is saved by curious little creatures who welcome her and give her the nickname of Brindille, due to the sica of the lights that always follow her. When the girl decides to look for the answers to the questions caused by the amnesia following the initial misadventure, she begins an adventure that will lead her to meet a particular travel companion, Fox, an animal of the forest who, like a guiding spirit, will help her in her enterprise.

The story created by Frédéric Brrémaud is joyful, merciless, it envelops the reader in a magical way that deceives our perception until the very end, only to show itself in its overwhelming reality, transforming Brindille into an unmissable reading. Thanks to the artistic talent of Federico Bertolucci, who brings to the page a living world with amazing colors.

The two volumes of Brindille (I cacciatori di ombre and Verso la luce) are published in Italy by saldaPress

The Kingdom of Fanes

A 'traditional' fantasy, in the sense that the inspiration for this volume edited by Manfont is let yourself be inspired by folklore. The Fanes are a legendary population of the Dolomites, who in this story written by the late Federico Memola (who had already approached fantasy in a creative way with his Agenzia Incantesimi) become the basis for creating an epic story, made up of battles, heroes and great emotions.

The Orcs-Gods

A comic fantasy from across the Alps, in which a baroque society is ruled by a lineage of orcs, viewed as gods by humanity. Men are servants of this mammoth and narrow-minded nobility, to which they quickly adapt by hatching plots and machinations to collect the crumbs of power left by the orcs. Hubert's plot, masterfully designed by Gatignol, develops in two volumes (Piccolo and Half-Blood) that intertwine, presenting this complex world from different points of view, offering the portrait of a unique and unmissable fantasy world. Here you can read our review.

The two volumes of Gli Orchi-Dei (Piccolo and Half-Blood) are published in Italy by BAO Publishing

Rigor Mortis

What happens when an RPG enthusiast is also a designer? Obviously, let the two find a way to coexist! This is the vital spark that in 1994 led Riccardo Crosa (Sottosopra, Dragonero) to give life to the world of Kragmortha, where magic is the order of the day. In this magical world move Rigor and Cav, funny characters made with a cartoonish cut, which lead us to live adventures that pay homage to the cornerstones of the beloved fantasy world in Dungeons & Dragons-style paper role-playing games. Alongside the two unusual characters there are other archetypes of the world of RPGs, such as the warrior Romulus and Kira, who from a simple sorceress becomes a… werewolf cat!

Initially published in the famous fanzine Giochi & Giochi as a comic strip , Rigor Mortis has become one of the best known Italian fantasy comics, thanks to an evolution matured following the passage to other publishing houses, also leading to the creation of a card game, Yes, Dark Lord!


Within fantasy, destiny often plays the role of the engine of events. In Birthright, created in 2014 by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Andrei Bressan for Image Comics, he puts predestination at the center of events. The protagonist is the young Mickey, a boy who is kidnapped during a picnic in a forest and led into a parallel world made up of heroes, dragons and malefics. The kidnapping of him is the answer to a prophecy that sees in him the predestined to stop the advance of evil, which threatens this world. But will this really be his fate?

Williamson orchestrates a story in which past and present intertwine, showing us Mickey's return to our world, confronting us with the consequences of his disappearance, between destroyed families and dashed hopes. The plot of Birthright is dynamic, with the right pauses to build the emotional structure of the story, inserting a series of captivating twists that captivate the reader.

In Italy, Birthright is published in volumes by saldaPress


Who said fantasy can't be fun? Born as a webcomic, Drizzit has become the interpreter of a different way of narrating fantasy in comics, thanks to the creative verve of its author, Luigi 'Bigio' Cecchi. Inspired by the figure of the dark drow Drizzt Do'Urden created by Salvatore, Drizzt with his jokes and his adventures offers the possibility to smile and reflect, both on some classic aspects of the fantasy world and on more important themes.

From the web, Drizzit has passed to the physical world, being published in volumes by Shockdom and also becoming a paper role-playing game and a card game.


A recent production, Middlewest re-elaborates the concept of fantasy bringing it to a more current dimension, inspired by the agricultural belt of the States. Skottie Young orchestrates a story in which magic and technology coexist beautifully, creating a tale in which emotional tensions and personal relationships play a fundamental role. Here you can read our review.

The first volume, illustrated by Jorge Corona, was published in Italy by BAO Publishing


Bonelli's fantasy has helped bring the genre to a new audience, demonstrating the potential of the serial product as a tool to build a living and coherent world. Dragonero, son of the Vietti-Enoch duo, represents one of the most interesting comic fantasy proposals, capable of looking with respect to tradition and moving towards new horizons, making the owner of the series part of a wider universe in constant change.

Published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, Dragonero is also available in volumes that collect its most important adventures.


A particular fantasy comic, in which different races, magic and ancient gods intertwine. Stylistically, the story written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda represents a good point of encounter between steampunk suggestions, horror and oriental elements. Published by Mondadori as part of the Oscar Ink series, the work consists of four volumes, which began with Il Risveglio


Atypical fantasy, Bone is one of the most adventurous and exciting reads you can do. Matt Smith's creation is a winning mix of adventure, sentiment and irony, in which magic, unsuspected heroism and great battles alternate in a satisfying and never predictable narrative. The ideal way to read this wonderful comic is the full volume of BAO Publishing, a beautiful tome which contains the entire adventure of the three Bone cousins.


Fantasy made in Italy, created by Massimo Pini (screenwriter) and Andrea Modugno (drawings), with the covers of the volumes created by a master of Italian comics from caliber of Giovanni Talami. After a first volume, Darek after a long process is preparing to return to the library with a second chapter, which aims to give further depth to an exciting medieval world in which a young king will have to discover his way to deserve the throne.


Published by saldaPress, Reaver is a dark fantasy with a mature tone, with scenes of pitched battles and adult humor which fits this narrative perfectly. A group of outcasts are enlisted to carry out a suicide mission, the only hope to prevent a wizard from bringing destruction to the world. The comic by Justin Jordan and Rebekah Isaacs is made strong by complex dynamics, in which intrigues and twists animate an adventure with strong tones, while allowing the personality of the various protagonists to emerge.

Rat Queens

Can fantasy be irreverent? Absolutely yes. And does it have to include strong warriors and damsels in distress? Obviously not. From these two assumptions Kurtis Wiebe and Rop Upchurch started to give life to Rat Queens, a comic series starring a team of adventurers who seem to make a mockery of all the stereotypes of fantasy. Unleashed, irreverent and animated by any intent except heroism, the components of this unusual and exciting group of anti-heroines are a breath of fresh air for comic fantasy, which in Italy we can read thanks to the two volumes published by saldaPress.

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