Facebook keeps an eye on posts about the George Floyd death trial

Facebook keeps an eye on posts about the George Floyd death trial

Facebook is ready to manage the social reactions to the verdict of the trial against Derek Chauvin, the agent who pressed his knee against the African American's neck in Minneapolis, safeguarding both the memory of Floyd and the executioner, when the victim of "Serious attacks"

(photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images) While the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, is taking place in the United States, with as the verdict approaches, Facebook has decided to take more moderation measures on content related to the topic.

For the social network, the city of Minneapolis has become a "high-risk place" and, therefore, Facebook will automatically remove all extremist posts calling on protesters to take up arms during the trial. Facebook will also act by removing all content that does not show respect for Floyd's death. "We want to find the right balance between allowing people to talk about the trial and the meaning of the verdict, while doing our part to protect everyone's safety," writes Facebook's vice president of content moderation, Monika Bickert, on the blog of the company.

Facebook will obviously allow users to "discuss and criticize the process and the lawyers involved", but will remove content that violates its policies, even going so far as to "limit the dissemination of content that our systems they foresee that they will violate our community standards ”. In addition, the social network has decided that "it will remove events organized in temporary high-risk places that contain calls to bear arms".

Facebook will not only protect George Floyd's memory, but will also eliminate the serious attacks directed at the accused Chauvin. The former policeman, in fact, has become a public figure because he has "voluntarily put himself in the public eye" and therefore will be protected according to Facebook standards. However, the level of moderation reserved for attacks against George Floyd remains much more severe and high since in this case the victim is considered an involuntary public figure.

In parallel to the action of moderation, Facebook's fight against the disinformation that often, on events of this magnitude, plays a very important role and therefore must be kept under control.

Bickert concludes by affirming that "given the risk of violence following the announcement of the verdict, regardless of what , we remain in close contact with local, state and federal law enforcement. We will respond to valid legal requests and support any investigations in line with our policies. ”

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