European institutions fell victim to a cyber attack

European institutions fell victim to a cyber attack

In March an attack hit the European Commission and beyond, but little is known about it: the authorities are investigating, and the hypothesis is made that the event is connected to the Microsoft Exchange breach

Berlaymont building in Brussels, headquarters of the European Commission (photo: Luca Zorloni / Wired) The European Commission and other European Union organizations were victims of a cyber attack that took place during the last week of March. As reported by Bloomberg, the forensic analysis launched following the attack is still in its initial phase and for this reason it is still too early to provide more detailed information about the cyberattack. The spokesperson for the European Commission and a number of EU bodies allegedly "suffered a cyber security incident in their IT facility".

"We are working closely with Cert-Eu - the Computer Emergency Response Team - for all EU institutions, bodies and agencies and the provider of the affected IT solution ", explained the spokesperson, adding that" so far, no violation of relevant information has been detected ".

According to an informed source overheard by Bloomberg, this attack was serious enough to alert senior commission officials that they are not normally bothered for updates on minor cyber attacks. In fact, according to this source, the attack was a bigger and more serious cyber incident than those that are usually identified and mitigated by the internal cybersecurity department.

As in February the European Banking Authority had revealed that having been involved in the breach of Microsoft Exchange's mail servers, cybersecurity experts currently do not rule out a possible link between that breach and this one suffered by EU leaders.

The European Commission has raised alert levels by setting up a monitoring service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to prevent a second attack and to limit the damage of this last violation as much as possible, in 'wait for investigators to find a sure lead on the authors.

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