Chivalry 2: Online Medieval Warfare | Preview event

Chivalry 2: Online Medieval Warfare | Preview event

Chivalry 2

"Let's harden the steel, sharpen the swords, drive the enemy out of these districts, put on the leggings, saddle the steed, victory is really close!". So sang the Nanowar of Steel in what can be called the spearhead of a glorious musical career in the name of satire and insanity. Which verses could be better to open an article on a game dedicated to medieval combat worthily? At we had to brandish our weapons trying to keep honor high while we premiered Chivalry 2: Online Medieval Warfare.

We experienced the thrill of descending into glittering armor, wielding swords, axes, halberds and firing lethal flaming darts. We threw ourselves into the fray going through impetuous massacres between mutilated bodies and effluents of plasma. We pushed siege towers while the enemy tried to obstruct us relentlessly. We dueled with clenched teeth on top of the castle walls. We set fire to the guard's tents.

We entered the rooms of the manor hitting and cutting everything that passed between our hands. We splashed in mud in the swamps trying to block opponents who tried to surround us. We fought under the eyes of the public delighted by the bloodbath that was taking place inside the arena. And rightly we have been torn apart countless times and then return to fight even more daring than before. After all this raw sadness, however, a little hilarity was also necessary: ​​this is how we tried to reach glory by brandishing a broom as if it were a two-handed sword or by throwing burning chickens instead of boiling pots of oil. It is also right to remember our wonderful battle cries that could range from epic daring to the most senseless dementia.

Our journey into the Middle Ages

It was obviously a closed-door event dedicated to the press. We must acknowledge with great joy that the staff of Torn Banner, the developer of the work, proved to be extremely helpful and exhaustive: they welcomed us as every good host should do in his inn, responding to all our doubts and guiding us with firm delicacy. towards the presentation of the good Steve Piggott, the president of the Studios, who preferred the way of synthesis to let the game speak for itself.

This is how we went down to the battlefield for several days trying to steal everything good Chivalry 2 had to offer. We could define the title in question as a simulator of white weapon battles, in this case located in a purely medieval context. The genre isn't very crowded when you think about it. Let's not be fooled: For Honor doesn't have much to do with it, in that case it's more to do with a fighting game that gives its best in duels. We have the first Chivalry, released in 2012, now obsolete and Mordhau, which has achieved a success far beyond the expectations of its developers. The time has therefore come for the progenitor to take back the throne with this new release strongly oriented to the Next Gen.

Chivalry 2 is still in development, but even at present it has managed to have fun in a true and primitive. Torn Banner Studios is an independent company which, however, proves to know its stuff. 64 players in crossplay will be able to compete simultaneously in large medieval settings. You can choose between three game modes: "Team Deathmatch", in which you will have to face field battles faction against faction, "Team goal" in which precise tasks will be carried out such as the conquest or defense of a certain point of the map and, a modality not received during the test, the "Deathmatch all against all", which clearly prefers the total massacre.

The context in which the events of Chivalry 2 take place, as I said before, is medieval, although not realistic, with fictional realms and fantasy factions. On the one hand, under a red and black banner, we have the order of the Freemasons, ruthless warriors moved only by the desire to crush the weakest, on the other hand we have, under the colors of blue and gold, the Agatha, fighters inspired by the values ​​of loyalty and courage. Even our character will be able to literally be born from nothing thanks to a dedicated editor that will be available only at the launch of the title and that will also allow you to choose the sex of our fighting alter ego. We will then be able to earn experience points that will allow us to advance in rank and access new weapons and new aesthetic trappings.

So much for everyone

We will have four classes available, each with its own equipment, its own peculiar characteristics and its special abilities. You can opt for the archer, a fighter who inflicts lethal blows from a distance, not very effective in close combat. Or you could prefer a brutal vanguard soldier, able to jump into the fray by handling the heaviest weapons. It will also be possible to choose the valet with long weapons. If in doubt, you can also decide for a classic knight with a sword and lots of courage.

Each category has four subclasses and it is possible to change the equipment with a choice that ranges between more than sixty weapons and over twenty shields. Horses were not featured in our test, but Torn Banner Studios guarantees they will be added in a post-launch update. Instead, several interactive elements were already available with which to disturb the opponents, such as heavy sacks that could be dropped on the head of some poor victim.

A handy tutorial introduces most of the controls and game situations. The controls turned out to be quite intuitive in the combination of mouse and keyboard while it takes a little more time to gain precision in using a joystick, however fully supported by the title. It is possible to play both in first person, more difficult but very immersive, and in third, simpler thanks to a wider shot, but also emotionally less engaging.

Our test took place on PC. said that graphically, despite the amount of moving elements on the screen, one has to do with a great look. The Unreal Engine support is solid as always with an excellent rendering of the settings and with sparkling armor at the right point. Excellent visual rendering of violence, which can also be deactivated for the faint of heart and good animations. Nice videos even if made a little on a budget. The background melodies are correct even if not particularly special.

The beauty of Chivalry 2 lies in its ability to entertain on several fronts. You will be able to enjoy both confusing and absurd melees as well as one-on-one fights based on well-aimed shots, right timing, feints, dodges and tactics. Everyone can find their rightful place on the battlefield. There are still some flaws to fix before launch, but nothing abysmal. Not all maps were available so it is assumed that some are still being perfected. In a couple of games we have experienced lag phenomena, which we hope will be resolved with the final set-up of the servers at launch. We did see some temporary animation glitches, but still nothing unsolvable. Compared to the chaos it has to manage, however, Chivalry 2 already seemed rather fluid and robust.

One thing is certain, however: the test was a lot of fun and we can't wait to try the complete product. The game will be available starting June 8 for various platforms: PC on the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Anyone who pre-orders will be able to access the Closed Beta which will take place from 23 to 26 April. So let's conclude by declaiming to their lords: “Let's fill the mugs with cervogia that a sovereign will have back!”.

If the battles of Chivalry 2 have whetted your primordial instincts as a warrior you can pre-order the game from here

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