Xbox: mother changes password, son finds out and calls the police

Xbox: mother changes password, son finds out and calls the police


Video games, nowadays, have undergone an expansion that calling it like wildfire would be an understatement. The global gaming boom is constantly growing and more and more people like never before are approaching this world full of possibilities. It may happen, however, that in some cases the unpredictability of this media also affects some events inherent in real life, just like what happened to an Xbox player.

This is the case with what happened inside of an American family, with the telling of this funny story that is provided to us by the police of the American city of Halton. In recent days, a boy would have called the police to request an intervention. The cause of this sudden emergency? His mother had changed his password to access his personal Xbox account.

With much disbelief, an entire post was devoted to this absurd story on the pages of the Halton police Twitter account. The same agents wrote on Twitter that there is absolutely no reason to call 911 just because one of their parents dared to change their Xbox password. To add an extra touch of hilarity to the matter, Halton's police post was accompanied by a nice gif from the TV series The Office.

Never thought we'd have to say this but here we are. Mom changing your Xbox password is NOT a reason to call 911. Yes, this happened.

^ ra

- Halton Police (@HaltonPolice) March 9, 2021

Outside of this nice reaction from the town police, we don't know how the matter evolved, even though it probably ended shortly after the call was received. Nor has it been clarified the reason that prompted the mother of this player to have to change the password of the console of her son. Certainly a very curious situation that, we must admit, has surprised us too.

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