Valheim, Guide: The best recipes for facing the bosses

Valheim, Guide: The best recipes for facing the bosses

Valheim, Guide

For several weeks there has been a game that has been literally depopulating on Steam, we are obviously talking about the Viking simulator Valheim. At the top of the charts since the beginning of February, the survival sandbox has received extremely positive ratings from the public, with more than 10 thousand reviews on the well-known site in the hands of Valve. As in any title of this type, we will start from a vast prairie where we will have to immediately learn to hunt animals and build simple shelters that will help us survive in the game world full of traps of all kinds. Trying to find the best food combination is never easy, especially if you're not really used to the genre. Valheim actually helps the player very little, as there is no right or wrong answer on the use of food, this is because the best combination is due to the biome in which you are located. For this reason, we at GameDivision want to help you with a guide that will help you choose wisely which dish is best to use, especially against the bosses that will appear in front of you during your adventure.

Like any game of self-respecting survival, Valheim is full of hills and meadows to explore. These are food-rich settings that will help you with the continuation of the adventure. The ingredients you will find are the first step to escape premature death.

Cooked meat Grilled neck tail Raspberries These three foods are the best foundation for any self-respecting Viking adventurer. Cooked meat can be cooked with any meat you can find in the prairie, namely deer or wild boar. The Grilled neck tail comes from lizards that can easily be found near rivers. Finally, Rasberries are found in bushes near wooded areas. The three foods mentioned above cure respectively 40, 35 and 30 hp while for stamina 30, 20 and 20. These three particular dishes will be of great help to you to initially survive in Valheim. After doing this mini recap, let's move on to the boss tips.

Best Recipes for the Eikthyr Challenge

Eikthyr is the first boss you'll come across. Given and considering that you will meet him at the beginning of the game in a large field, the food you have recovered will help you survive the fight. We therefore advise you to use the previous search for food in your favor, abusing it even if you have particular difficulty.

Best recipes for the challenge against Elder

After defeating Eikthyr you will proceed towards the dark forest where you will come across the Elder. Your diet won't change much here, except for one particular food: Queens jam. The new location will give you access to the Blueberries. If you have a cauldron it will be possible to prepare this new recipe that will cure you of 30 points of HP while 40 of stamina.

Best Recipes for Bonemass Challenge

The third boss is one of the most challenging in Valheim, but a hefty meal could help you out. The only item that will remain in your inventory will be Cooked meat, so we recommend adding Sausages (sausages) and Turnip stew (turnip stew) to your menu. These two foods will guarantee you a recovery of life equal to 60 and 40, while for the stamina we speak respectively of 50 and 50. For the preparation of Sausages you just need to combine the Cooked meat with a particular plant that can be found in the swamp, Thistle (thistle) and the entrails of the enemies (Entrails) who will patrol this biome (Draug). For the Turnip stew you will first have to find some Turnip seeds (turnip seeds) from their flowers that can always be found in the swamp. You will therefore have to learn how to cultivate them first and then extract them later. After doing this, use your trusty cauldron to combine them with the Raw meat.

In conclusion, we hope that these simple tips will help you in the fight against these three fearsome bosses. Valheim is not only this, it will literally open up to you a world of foods and recipes of all kinds, combined with heart-pounding fights. Good luck with your incredible adventure.

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