Twitter is asking its users how to deal with politicians' profiles

Twitter is asking its users how to deal with politicians' profiles

Twitter wants to know the feedback from its users on the moderation to be applied to political content, in order to improve the tone of the conversations on the platform

(photo: Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto) After the decision to confirm the definitive removal by Donald Trump from the platform, Twitter wanted to ask its users for advice on how to moderate content posted by politicians and world leaders in the future. No unlike Facebook, whose supervisory board has yet to decide what to do with the profile of the former US president, is also doing this, Twitter also questioned whether its current rules were suitable for moderating political figures correctly. >
On Twitter, in fact, politicians enjoy some privileges that ordinary people do not have: for example, if a politician writes an offensive tweet insulting another person, the message is not deleted but simply labeled, with a warning which informs that the post in question violates the rules of the platform. The same is true for many other types of tweets, such as the disinformant ones, which if published by politicians receive a simple disclaimer; if instead they are posted by ordinary users they are immediately deleted and the user in question risks the suspension of the account.

In a post on his blog Twitter announced that between March 19th and April 12th he will hold a survey open to its users to gather information on how the political content framework is viewed by those who use the social network. The questionnaire will be available in 14 languages ​​to ensure greater global coverage, but there will be no Italian: our compatriots will have to fill out the questionnaire using their second spoken language, if necessary.

In addition to collecting users' opinion, Twitter also reached out to human rights experts, academics and civil society organizations around the world to get more views on the subject in order to establish stronger and clearer rules for the future of the platform, in the hope that this can help improve the quality of public conversations on the portal.

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