TikTok has a new warning system to discourage misinformation

TikTok has a new warning system to discourage misinformation

The app continues its fight against fake news with a banner that warns tiktokers if a video contains information not yet verified

(image: TikTok) TikTok continues its work against disinformation on the already active platform thanks to the work done by the fact-chckers who help the portal to identify the accuracy of the contents - in Italy Pagella Politics does it - by reporting the possible falsity of information so that the TikTok can remove it. If an event is still ongoing and there is not enough information to verify the news, the situation becomes more difficult. In this case, however, TikTok has decided to act in advance, ensuring that its algorithm excludes these contents from the suggestions in the "For you" feed.

However, the application has chosen not to stop, implementing the its defensive measures against disinformation with the aim of limiting the sharing of videos containing fake news as much as possible. The portal will inform users directly when it finds a video that contains unverified information: TikTok will show the user a banner on the videos whose contents cannot be verified with certainty even after passing under the eye of fact-checking.

If users play the marked video, they would see a gray banner appear at the top informing them that the content of the video has been marked as unverified. A warning that the platform has decided to show to then give the user the possibility to choose whether or not to take into account the information contained in the video just viewed.

Similarly, the banner will also act on the creator side: whoever has uploaded a video whose content cannot be verified yet will receive a notification. The author of the video will thus know that he has published a content that contains potentially misleading and untrue information. TikTok will explain what the effects of misinformation could be, asking the creator to be more aware of the impact their videos have on the community.

Finally, should a user decide to share a video reported as potentially untrue, TikTok will ask him to confirm the action putting the user in front of a responsible choice: not to share a potentially misinforming video. According to TikTok this system works. “In testing we noticed that sharing of videos containing unverified information drops by 24%, while likes drop by 7%,” writes Gina Hernandez, Product Manager, Trust & Safety on the company's blog.

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