The books to read: the issues of March 2021

The books to read: the issues of March 2021

The books to read

What are the books and Ebooks coming out in March 2021 to keep under control and bring to their libraries and Ebook Readers? February has come to an end and the new year has already shown that it is very much alive in terms of the release of new content in the bookstore. If stress from work or study wears you out, what could be better than relaxing with a good read? So here are the books and Ebooks that will be released in March 2021 or that have already been released that we recommend you read or give to friends and relatives.

Books March 2021

Later The winds of sand Storm mother The devils are here Spin The bias of survival First person singular When I'll be back Tea at Chaverton House That forbidden place Apeirogon Flora


Release: March 2, 2021

Jamie Conklin he has the air of a completely normal child, but there are two things that make him very special: he is the son of a single mother, Tia, who works as a literary agent by trade, and above all he has a supernatural gift. A gift that his mother requires him to keep secret, because others would not understand. A gift that he didn't ask for and that most of the time he didn't want. But this he will only find out much later.

Because the first time he decides to use it he is still too young to discern, and he does it to console a friend. And when he is forced to use it, he does it to help his mother, he does it for love. Until that damn time arrives, when everything changes, and he is already a kid, who no longer believes in fairy tales. Jamie already senses, or perhaps is even aware of it, that good and evil are not two distinct entities, that light is always accompanied by darkness. Yet he chooses, chooses truth and salvation. But truth and salvation, he will discover later, have a price. Very high.

Author: Stephen King Publisher: Sperling & Kupfer Series: Pandora Genre: Horror Later is available for online purchase

The Sandy Winds

Release: March 2nd 2021

Texas, 1934. Millions of people were left without work and drought destroyed the Great Plains. Farmers are fighting not to lose their land and their source of livelihood, as crops wither irremediably, water is drying up and storms of dust and sand threaten to bury them all. One of the darkest periods of the Great Depression, the era of the Dust Bowl, came as relentless revenge.

In this uncertain and dangerous time, Elsa Martinelli, a courageous woman and mother, seeks out all ways of saving his family and the farm where he lives, the only real home he ever had. At some point, however, like so many of her neighbors, she is forced to make a distressing choice: keep fighting for the land she loves or go west to California in search of a better life. To give her children a future she decides to leave, but the journey is exhausting and difficult, and the arrival even more: the situation in California is not as easy as Elsa believed.

Wide and dazzling, the Wheat-free fields of the Great Plains come to life in this powerful and unforgettable novel, which is a parable of difficulties and new beginnings and at the same time the epic narrative of the failure of a dream, now more emblematic than ever, and of the hope that nevertheless does not come. never less.

Author: Kristin Hannah Publisher: Mondadori Series: Omnibus Genre: Historical setting The sand winds is available for online purchase

Tempesta mother

Released: March 2, 2021

At the Santa Sofia institute, Jacopo is the only male in the class, and at the age of eight his relationship with women is already complicated. Starting with the one with his mother, who makes him memorize verses of Mayakovsky, he puts out the cigarette butts on the plates and is devoured by the will to live. For the nuns of the school it is clear that the girl with the too short T-shirt is at the origin of Jacopo's behavior: taciturn, too interested in the legs of his companions and above all obsessed with writing.

His themes , who always have her as the protagonist, go around the school. Her mother and her father don't live together but they never stopped fighting furiously, she in Italian and he in Neapolitan, he butcher and she secretary of Brahms musical editions. One night, Jacopo and the secretary - as he calls his mother - illegally move to a public building in the Rione delle flies: two bags, a box, and the school backpack as their only baggage.

The elevator it doesn't work and the bathroom has no door, but there is only one bed to sleep in: if Jacopo had to choose a perfect moment in his life, he would indicate that. In the neighborhood there is also his father's butcher's shop, and in the afternoon Jacopo closes himself in the cold room to fill the sheets with words to wrap the meat. Jacopo's education is a sentimental failure, and reading it often runs away from laughter.

Author: Gianni Solla Publisher: Einaudi Series: I coralli Genre: Modern and contemporary fiction Storm mother is available for online purchase

The devils are here

Release: March 2, 2021

After a dinner in a bistro with Gamache and his wife Reine-Marie, the billionaire Stephen Horowitz, Armand's godfather, is hit by a van. What seems to everyone to be a trivial accident, however dramatic, in the eyes of the commissioner is an obvious attempted murder. And when a dead man is found in Horowitz's apartment, Gamache will end up embroiled in an investigation that will drag him from the Eiffel Tower to the ancient archives of the city, from the most exclusive hotels to museums that house enigmatic works of art.

Until you discover secrets kept hidden for decades, shrouded in the darkness that also lurks in the apartments of the best arrondissements. Soon the head of the Sûreté will find himself at the center of a web of suspicion and lies and, to discover the truth, he will have to decide whether to trust his family, his colleagues, or his instincts.

Author: Louise Penny Publisher: Einaudi Series: Einaudi. Big freestyle Genre: Yellow The devils are here is available for online purchase


Release: March 4, 2021

In this new novel Captain Calli Chase she is involved in a struggle against time to foil a terrible plot that holds the fate of humanity in the balance. In the aftermath of NASA’s failed rocket launch, Captain Calli Chase finds himself face to face with her long-lost twin, and with the disturbing question of who she really is. Now that the top secret program launched years earlier has encountered an unexpected obstacle, only Calli can redirect its course and resolve the situation.

Aided by cutting-edge technologies, NASA investigator scientist and Space Force pilot at any cost, she will have to discover the missing link that links the rocket sabotage to what is happening to it. A search that someone seems willing to stop at any cost. From NASA to the Chase family farm, from the White House to distant space orbits, Calli has to contend with a cunning and ruthless adversary. As in a dangerous planetary chess game, a single wrong move risks unleashing catastrophic consequences that will extend far beyond the borders of the Earth.

Author: Patricia D. Cornwell Publisher: Mondadori Series : Omnibus Genre: Thriller Spin is available for online purchase

The prejudice of survival

Release: March 4, 2021

Enrico Radeschi's old nightmares return to haunt him , and they do it by hitting him in the dearest affections: a few days before Valentine's Day his girlfriend Andrea, in Salzburg for a conference, disappears into thin air, and he is the only one able to find out what happened to her. He soon realizes that this kidnapping is just one piece of a larger plan that will force him into a spasmodic and agonizing race against time.

Someone in the shadows is skillfully weaving the threads of a web in which Radeschi risks getting entangled, and his only chance of salvation is to transform from prey into hunter. To make it, he will need all the help of his old companions: Deputy Chief Sebastiani, a brilliant policeman with a permanently extinguished cigar between his lips, and the Danish, a thug with a heart of gold with an iguana living under his clothes. br>

Author: Paolo Roversi Publisher: Marsilio Series: Farfalle Genre: Yellow The prejudice of survival is available for online purchase

First person singular

Release: March 9, 2021

If this book were a record, perhaps one of Murakami's legendary collection, it would be a concept album. Eight very different tales but united by the same "instrument" played: the first person singular. A truly unprecedented Murakami, not only because the stories it tells are new. The way in which he puts himself into play is new: eight different ways of saying "I", to speak to everyone.

Author: Haruki Murakami Publisher: Einaudi Series: Supercoralli Genre: Fiction Modern and Contemporary First person singular is available for online purchase

When I return

Release: March 9, 2021

This is the story of who leaves and who stays . Of a mother who goes to take care of others, of her children who remain at home waiting for her harboring ambitions, anger, expectations. It is an overwhelming desire to go far away. After the great success of Resto qui, Marco Balzano returns with a deep and very tense tale of destinies that concern us closely, but which we often prefer not to see. A novel that goes straight to the heart, showing without ever judging the strength of the bonds and the consequences of our choices.

Author: Marco Balzano Publisher: Einaudi Series: Supercoralli Genre: Modern fiction and Contemporary When I return is available for online purchase

Tea at Chaverton House

Release: March 15, 2021

My name is Angelica and this is the list of things that I had imagined for myself: a faithful boyfriend, a nice terrace, parents without great expectations. Too bad none have come true. Here is the list of things that have happened: leave everything, leave for England and find myself with an unexpected job. So I came to Chaverton House, an ancient Dorset mansion. This trip was supposed to be just a quick visit to investigate an old family history, and instead it turned out to be so much more.

Now silence the little voice that binds the choice to stay with Alessandro, the elusive manager of the estate , it's not easy. But I have to try. He has other things on his mind and so do I. For example, getting ready to guide tourists. Although I discovered that books are not enough, but I have to memorize the details of a TV series set in Chaverton. People just want to recognize every corner of every cult scene. On the other hand, I prefer tea sets, floral patterned walls and above all the library, which houses the first editions of Jane Austen and Emily Brontë. It's like immersing myself in the novels I love. And this is priceless. Or maybe he has one and not too low: meeting Alessandro is now the norm.

And I am increasingly fascinated by his air of offended nobility. Maybe the decision to stay is not so right, because I know very well that what you shouldn't do is what you want the most. What I don't know is whether to follow the head or the heart. But perhaps they do not go in opposite directions, on the contrary they are the only two parallel lines that can meet.

Author: Alessia Gazzola Publisher: Garzanti Series: - Genre: Modern and Contemporary Narrative A tea a Chaverton House is available for online purchase

That place forbidden to me

Release: March 18, 2021

In a South far from the signs of urban modernity, the protagonist grows up oppressed by a family environment in which public and private conduct are ruthlessly measured on the terror of social judgment and on the binding rigor of daily duty. The protective nest then becomes a difficult knot to untie and carry. Elisa Ruotolo has a voice that is always recognized, inside there is a world, the South with the parched and earthy force of her images, and the very personal gaze of an author destined to conquer a well-lit space in the panorama of Italian literature.

Author: Elisa Ruotolo Publisher: Feltrinelli Series: The narrators Genre: Modern and Contemporary Fiction That forbidden place is available for online purchase


Release: March 18, 2021

Bassam Aramin is Palestinian. Rami Elhanan is Israeli. The conflict colors every aspect of their daily lives, from the streets they are allowed to walk, to the schools that their daughters, Abir and Smadar, attend, to the checkpoints. They are relentlessly forced to negotiate physically and emotionally with the surrounding violence. The true story of the unexpected friendship between two fathers, a Palestinian and an Israeli, who respectively lost their daughters to violence and who transform their pain into peace activism. An epic story told against the backdrop of unresolved tensions in the heart of the Holy Land.

Author: Colum McCann Publisher: Feltrinelli Series: The narrators Genre: Modern and Contemporary Fiction Apeirogon is available for the online purchase


Release: 23 March 2021

Alessandro Robecchi signs one of the most engaging adventures of Carlo Monterossi. In an intrigue that leaves him breathless, he combines suspense and literary passion and tells a distant story, from the past, of poetry and freedom, amour fou and resistance. A bow to the Parisian surrealist movement.

Author: Alessandro Robecchi Publisher: Sellerio Editore Palermo Series: La memoria Genre: Giallo Flora is available for online purchase

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