Tekken 7: Lidia Sobieski, a prime minister with whom there is no need to joke

Tekken 7: Lidia Sobieski, a prime minister with whom there is no need to joke

Tekken 7

Tekken's latest character, Lidia, blew her mind with her presentation trailer. This tough and pure warrior, apparently equipped with almost every conceivable means to break the bones of others, has led many experienced players to relive the trauma of Leroy's early days, due to her apparent ability to use parry and at the same time offensive tools. respectable.

Lydia, however, seems, thank goodness, a much better calculated character than Leroy was at the beginning (not that this is difficult, but so be it): the first minister In fact, the Polish woman seems to be a very dangerous warrior, but not without weaknesses. In short, it is too early to say, and it is probably worth expecting some tweaks later, yet Lidia could be a fairly balanced new entry ...

Offensive defense

Let's start with the first evident feature: the parry. Already these make more sense than Leroy's, which blocks virtually any type of attack and even multiple assaults. In Lidia's case this sort of absolute defense cannot exist: each parry of her blocks a single shot, and offers a rather limited window of time to respond, with conversions rarely exceptional in terms of damage. This does not mean, however, that they are not useful tools during the rounds: alternating certain series of attacks on the parry can take by surprise an enemy inclined to respond with simple and fast blows, and they are still functional moves to get out of some unpleasant situations.

The limited nature of Lidia's "counter moves", however, limits her defensive capabilities. Not that it's not possible to turn a turtle with her, but she is ultimately a character who gains a lot from offensive pressure, so it's best to use her aggressively most of the time. In fact, Lidia has medium attacks that are nothing short of fantastic and quite safe, which allow her to pursue the opponent without major problems. In addition, her bass is quite dangerous, even if very risky once parked and not abusable. The best seems to be a quick circular thrust similar to Dragunov's, which tracks the enemy's movement and departs with some speed.

Keep in mind the moves they track with this martial arts master ... being equipped with excellent normals, in fact, it is very linear in the offensive, and those who are very good at using sidesteps suffer. If that wasn't enough, when it comes to combos we are not talking about a character with random strokes on the keys: Lidia requires at least a decent level of execution, and given her complexity she is not among the most suitable characters for beginners.

What blows this karate

Once you have mastered his moves, however, Lidia leads. She and she leads very hard. One of her greatest strengths is a monstrous wall carry, which allows her to push an opponent to the wall after a launch even from considerable distances. Once on the wall, it is able to close combos over 90 damage (even over 100 sometimes) and this makes it a real danger in the hands of someone very good at placing launchers, despite its moves that allow it to starting juggles aren't particularly great. More than anything else, Lidia is dangerous because many of her shots are counter that throw or stun, and from there it is a moment to approach the walls. In short, returning to the difficulty of using her, she is a character that also requires considerable distance management.

The feature that makes Lidia truly unique, however, is her stance. Our karateka in fact is able to change style from neutral or from various moves (which must however hit the mark), and in these "poses" she gains a whole new set of extremely dangerous tools and launchers, especially when it comes to putting pressure. Already from the first experiments, various players have found strings that are practically unstoppable if a guard-breaking move is properly obtained from one of the stances, and it is really difficult to predict Lidia's offensive if she does not press her and allow her to change pose often. That said, stances don't seem to have built-in counters or self-guards, so they often make her vulnerable, and some of the best moves hit high, allowing for a heavy counterattack just by crouching.

In a nutshell, we're dealing with a character extremely elaborate, which will probably only really shine in the hands of players able to take advantage of its full toolset. A new entry, however, that can be challenged in various ways (especially by sidesteps and an aggressive strategy). Really difficult at the moment to understand what her actual power level is, but we do not doubt that someone will be able to understand her better soon. For sure there is just that it is once again a great addition.

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