Splatoon 3: The colorful shooter goes into the third round

Splatoon 3: The colorful shooter goes into the third round

Splatoon 3

Just say the word "Splatoon" once, and the outrageously catchy tune-suspicious soundtrack of the Splatoon games is booming through your head. Are you the same? Then we have either good or bad news in our luggage, depending on how we see this: The motley shooter series with the Quak singing is here again! Or it will be here again, because as we have known since the new edition of Nintendo Direct from mid-February 2021, the series will return to the Nintendo Switch with Splatoon 3 in spring 2022.

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1 Octopus affair 2 Paris has looked better 3 A train ride that is wild 4 New squid in town 5 Please wait Some observers have already expected that an announcement might be made at some point, but it was on the dry side by no means. Nintendo in particular tends not in all, but in many cases, to develop only one game per console generation, especially in the case of multiplayer-heavy series, see Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros.


Splatoon 3: First trailer for the multiplayer shooter for the Switch loadVideoPlayer ('83604', '& sAdSetCsategory = artikel_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1368102, false, 277187, 260, false, 0,' ', '', false); At Splatoon, due to the short history of the brand, we had no experience yet, but now we know that fans are served more than just every five to ten years. That's a very positive perspective!

Squid-like affair

The weird humor of the Splatoon series naturally also comes into play in the third part and is reflected in the unique figure designs, among other things. Source: Nintendo The trailer for Splatoon 3 is in any case unusual and promises that, despite a predecessor on the same console, you will not only get chewed goods in front of you. In a dust-dry desert landscape we meet an Inkling girl with blond braids, who apparently indulges her everyday life there with a small creature. What this scene turns out to be: a character editor that promises to offer more options than ever before. Body type, skin color, accessories, hairstyle and the type of pants we wear are adjusted here, later we get a whole lot of additional options and can gradually unlock more and more items of clothing, optical options and more. Cuddly: We are also allowed to adapt the appearance of our little animal companion, albeit (not surprisingly) in much less detail.

Paris looked better

In addition to weapons, outfits and hairstyles, there can also be various other aspects of the figures can be adapted to your own taste. Source: Nintendo After this opening sequence it gets pretty gloomy: In a gameplay excerpt, our little heroine walks past a world-famous building, the Eiffel Tower. However, this one has definitely seen better days - he's stuck upside down in the dry ground of the broken world! Who did not know it before, and that would not be particularly surprising, because the Splatoon Lore does exist, but has never been discussed in the games so far: The series takes place in the post-apocalypse of this our world of people, in which we as Leading species were exterminated for unknown reasons.

Two teams fighting over which of the two can mark more area with color - nothing will change this time around this basic game principle. Source: Nintendo Now Inklinge, their opponents, the Octolings, and all sorts of other crazy characters populate the world, and there is not much left of the former glory of the cities, as the broken Eiffel Tower impressively demonstrates. It almost looks a bit like Mad Max, only instead of furious car lunatics with children who are color-based creatures and can transform themselves into squid creatures at any time to whiz through the said ink. Good goodness, the premise has lost none of its bizarre nature after three games!

A train ride that's wild

The “City of Chaos” Splatsville in the district of the same name is Hubworld and our first this time Starting point. Source: Nintendo Our heroine and her chicken-like pet continue after waiting on a platform track on the train. Also on board: two maritime inhabitants, more precisely a jellyfish and a fish creature, races that you have already seen in the predecessors. The trip is not very eventful, but the view from the window shows that the dry wasteland extends far, far into the distance. We already know the name of this place from the official description of the game, it is the Splatsville district, quote: "a scalding desert, inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings." In terms of mood, this is reminiscent of the Octo Expansion, the big expansion to Splatoon 2, which above all came up with a lot of single-player content.

We've known for a long time that Splatoon plays in the post-apocalypse, this time it's also available visual evidence - hello Eiffel Tower! Source: Nintendo Because even if Splatoon grew up primarily as a multiplayer shooter, a story campaign has always been on board since the first release, and this time, after this first trailer, it seems to have more relevance from the start as before. In parts 1 and 2, all sorts of short levels awaited us, in which we had to spray paint in order to zoom along in it and master skill sections, as well as defeating enemies and competing against large and creatively designed bosses. Gladly more of it, Octo Expansion got a lot more out of this in terms of level design and demands, and we would find it interesting if certain principles would be questioned and rethought.

How about, for example, a (semi- ) open game world, various side missions, ways to upgrade our character? We're just throwing a few ideas into the room, the important thing is that the developers don't just do the same thing again. If the trailer is an indicator, at least thought has been given to convince with new ideas.

New squid in town

We are excited to see what the single player mode has to offer will have. In the previous versions, it was a short, nice campaign with platformer elements. Source: Nintendo After the train ride, the Inkling lady arrives in the capital of the district, Splatsville of the same name. In contrast to the desert, there is a hustle and bustle here, high-rise and residential buildings full of neon signs and laundry hung up to dry characterize the picture - an exciting contrast, also to the much tidier Hubworlds of its predecessors! And then the announcement trailer shows what most of the Splatoon fans have been waiting for: Fast-paced, colorful multiplayer battles begin! Two teams of four players, many different weapons including the paint roller, sniper rifles, shotguns and more; all of course in a youth-friendly form. Because instead of ammunition, paint flies, and the aim is not to destroy the enemies, but to paint floors, walls and everything around us, so that after the timer has expired, more area shines in our color than in that of the adversary.

Kid or Squid - will we finally get an answer to this eternal question in Splatoon 3? In any case, we can transform ourselves again at any time. Source: Nintendo This is how Shooter works the Nintendo way, and the two predecessors have already impressively proven that the concept works. We run around, hissing through the paint as squids to recharge our ammunition (please don't ask us to what extent that is logical), dodging, marking our territory in the truest sense of the word and indulging in the insane Splatoon madness. In the scenes that can be seen in the video, this hardly works any differently than in the predecessors, not even from a technical point of view. While we hope for major adjustments to the campaign, we think that's perfectly fine in the case of the multiplayer part. Why change what works by force? New weapons, more cosmetic options, balance adjustments, creative maps and the like are what the players expect and want. In short: If we get what is promised here, hardly any waiting fan will complain.

Please wait

So Splatoon 3 is coming in 2022, and it remains to be seen whether our wishes and Assumptions up to then have been confirmed and whether there will be any more dramatic changes in the course of development. In any case, we are hopeful that part 3 of the series will also be honored. One more thing: Please, Nintendo, this time give us voice chat without a connection to the stupid mobile phone app that nobody uses!

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