Satispay dominates non-NFC in-store payments: data

Satispay dominates non-NFC in-store payments: data

Satispay dominates non-NFC in-store payments

According to the 2020 Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, "Innovative Payments: from alternative to necessity", Satispay has strongly consolidated its leadership in the non-NFC segment of mobile payments during 2020. As many as 67% of this type of transactions, in fact , was registered through the app, identifying a position of strength that has strengthened precisely following the lockdown first and then the resurgence of the pandemic.

The climb of Satispay

Se in 2020 transactions via smartphone with merchants amounted to 3.4 billion euros, Satispay had a heavy impact with volumes in net growth:

Within the category, the volume transacted through non-NFC systems ( therefore not connected to the traditional model of credit cards ito like those offered by Big Tech), amounts to € 500 million in 2020, of which approximately 60% (equal to approximately € 300 million) went through Satispay through a number of payments equal to 20 million, which represents 67% of the number of total payments of the segment under consideration. Despite the strong impact on shop openings during lockdowns, the data recorded highlight the strong growth of the Company, which in volume and number of payments reported a respective increase of 58% and 60% compared to 2019. […]

But the brilliant performance went far beyond in-store payments and saw Satispay firmly pursue its path towards a well-rounded super app identity. The total volume of payments has in fact increased by 81% compared to 2019, going from € 323 million to € 585 million overall transacted at 31 December 2020, including in addition to in-store payments, online payments and services such as telephone top-ups, bulletins, pagoPA, Car and motorcycle tax, as well as P2P, for a total of over 31.1 million transactions.

The growth in the volume transacted in 2020 compared to 2019 was equal to + 60%, differential share of double significance: on the one hand there is all the weight that 2020 has had on the digital transformation of payments in times of pandemic; on the other hand, there is the acceleration of a trend that was in any case already clearly started and that already saw Satispay in a position of strength with respect to alternative solutions. It is no coincidence that investments in the group have progressively increased and today the Italian startup is optimally positioned to build the climb to European payments as well as further consolidation on the Italian market.

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