Samsung Good Lock, the must-have app on Galazy Z Fold and Flip

Samsung Good Lock, the must-have app on Galazy Z Fold and Flip

Samsung Good Lock

In a tech market like that of smartphones that has long been referred to as in crisis, the foldable segment has tried to lay the foundations for a rebirth. In fact, led by Samsung, the world of folding devices has brought back the innovation, according to many now lost, in the mobile field.

If you like me have been conquered by this trend, get ready to discover some tricks and tips for using Good Lock, an application created by Samsung itself that will allow you to take the customization of Z Fold, Z Fold 2 or Z Flip to the highest levels!

Make the most of your Samsung folding

For this that we could therefore define as a mini guide suitable for beginners and non geeks, you will not need any particular knowledge of the tech world. In fact, all you need is your Samsung foldable and the Good Lock application. Available directly on the Samsung Apps store, Good Lock will in fact be the gateway to the installation of all the modules and modifications, aesthetic but also functional, which I am about to show you through this article.

Download Good Lock from Samsung Apps

Preliminary steps and Good Lock download

Once the application is installed thanks to the link you find above and started Good Lock, you will find a home screen that will allow you to become familiar with all the various areas that you can go and edit in Samsung's One UI software. The titles of the various sections are very explanatory, with the name that will already help you understand what can be changed compared to the original stock situation of the Samsung software,

To install the modules and start with the actual changes, just explore each section. This because Good Lock is nothing but a "binder" containing all the sections and customizations that, according to the user's needs and requirements, can then be installed individually

Home Up, improved your Samsung home screens

The first module I want to talk to you about today and which I think many of you will find very useful is called Home Up. As the name suggests it is a program that will allow you to apply changes to your home screens and to the application launcher while always remaining on the basis of the Samsung stock software. This is a very important element as we know well how the management of gestures with third-party launchers is still not the top, from Android 10 onwards.

Being able to apply aesthetic and functional changes to the Samsung launcher through this service will make you rediscover the beauty of this application. Through Home Up you can, among other things, manage the grid of your main and application screens, as well as set custom transition effects. The section on folder customization is also very important, with a new view that will help you make the most of your home screens.

Further customizations possible thanks to the Good Lock module concern the multitasking menu, which you can now modify in style and functionality, without conflicting with system gestures, as in previous versions.

MultiStar, give new life to your folding

The MultiStar module is one of the exclusive customizations dedicated to folding smartphones, with extra features able to improve the “foldable” experience of your device. In fact, if using your Flip or Fold in the first few hours you have come across non-optimized applications or strange glitches, know that this module is the answer to many of your headaches.

Once you have installed the module you will be welcomed from a menu specifically dedicated to folding devices made by the South Korean company. Thanks to the tweaks contained in this section, you can change the operation of the applications installed on your smartphone, defining rules relating to the display area for each one.

Thanks to this you can force the mode full screen even in applications that do not natively support it, with all due respect to your eyes that they will finally be able to enjoy a much more gratifying display, thus abandoning the much hated black bands!

But this was just a taste of the incredible customization options guaranteed by Good Lock. Let us know in the comments box below which changes you have made on your Samsung devices, with particular attention to your usage tips related to foldable smartphones.

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