Project Triangle Strategy: As Good As Octopath Traveler?

Project Triangle Strategy: As Good As Octopath Traveler?

Project Triangle Strategy

The three kingdoms of Aesfrost, Glenbrock and Heissand fight each other bitterly. The Salt Iron Wars - as so often in human history - are about raw materials and property claims. After years of suffering, a deceptive peace finally promises peace for the nobility and the mob, but then Aesfrost surprisingly invades Glenbrock, killing the Crown Prince and the King. As the son of one of the most powerful vassals of Glenbrock, it is now up to you to look after your people, but also to survive and find out more about the invasion.

Table of Contents

1 Proven Virtues 2 In medias res 3 War is no picnic And then the second Prince of Glenbrock is also in your care - will you hand him over to Aesfrost or defend your masters to the last drop of blood? Project Triangle Strategy doesn't use a scale in the game logo for nothing, in this tactical role-playing game it is extremely important which decisions you make, so you should think carefully about your reactions and actions!


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Proven virtues

'The choice of location is very important when maneuvering. Those who attack from above often have decisive advantages. So make the best possible use of the terrain for your purposes. Source: PC Games You may already know the eye-catching pixel graphic style from Octopath Traveler, the Japano role-playing game from Square Enix, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the old genre classics. Project Triangle Strategy is also based on long-established games, more precisely on Final Fantasy Tactics. You move your units like chess pieces on a grid across the area. A high location gives you advantages; if you are attacked from behind or from the side, you will suffer additional sensitive damage. These established mechanisms still work flawlessly today; the order is determined by the agility value of the units. Nimble characters are therefore earlier than lumbering, armored warriors, on horseback or even with a flying pedestal the radius of the attacks increases.

In medias res

Knights can strike with a lance and hit several enemies in a row. But be careful not to meet your own units! Source: PC Games The demo starts in the middle of the game and requires attention from the warlord in the first battle: You have to flee the besieged capital and fight a bridge and open the gate. At the same time, enemies will stab you in the back, so on the one hand you have to push forward, on the other hand you have to be careful not to be caught. Thanks to the wide range of characters, not only is it entertaining to face the challenge, there are also tons of options. Do you gallop forward with the knight? Do you use the devastating spells of your magicians? Or do you attract the attention of the enemy by provocation on your shield-armored warrior?

The lighting effects are very nice. Don't forget to talk to the mob for information. Source: PC Games The turn-based battles are only one aspect of Project Triangle Strategy, you always have breaks to explore, in which you can walk around freely without a grid and talk to NPCs. Sometimes you learn about facts that help you make important decisions, or that you use to convince your companions of your goals. Because: Serious judgments are made when all important characters vote. Your vote counts too, but no more than anyone else's. Say: If your friends want to act differently than you, you have to bow to the majority. This is not only exciting, but of course also provides motivation to play the adventure through several times. The story in the demo, although it starts in the middle of the game, is exciting and dramatic. Are we extraditing the prince and avoiding unnecessary bloodshed? Or shall we defend it by all means, no matter the cost?

War is no picnic

Game of Thrones meets Final Fantasy - Project Triangle Strategy is by no means a carefree good- Mood RPG, here heads roll and nobles have fun with maids between the hedges (of course, none of this explicitly). The demo is extremely promising, looks distinctive and controls itself perfectly, even with the Joy-Cons. Of course, it hurts that the waiting time for the finished adventure is at least nine months, because the role-playing game should not appear until 2022. But then we also hope for a decent amount, because we are already looking forward to a lot of time in the triangle to spend!

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