Nexo +: the new quality streaming for our free time

Nexo +: the new quality streaming for our free time

Nexo +

Unfortunately, the pandemic has greatly changed our habits and our way of enjoying free time. Even before the lockdowns and various restrictions, Nexo Digital had wanted to bring major cultural events to cinemas thanks to a satellite transmission system. The coming of Covid then unfortunately marked a setback, as demonstrated by the many films expected in the cinema in 2020 and subsequently postponed (here the updated list). Nexo Digital, however, wanted to try to transform events into opportunities, conceiving and thus creating Nexo +, a new distribution platform dedicated entirely to "quality time streaming", that is an on demand platform capable of providing content and services for a free time of quality, a new offer that goes alongside other proposals in the streaming world such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney +.

A new way of experiencing streaming: Nexo +

“A new way of experiencing streaming "are exactly the words with which Nexo + was introduced by Franco di Sarro and Guido Casali, respectively CEO of Nexo Digital and Director of Nexo +.

The platform has started broadcasting with a line up from 1500 of contents, an amount destined to grow, and not a little, in the space of a couple of weeks, with the introduction of further material.

Nexo + is presented as a subscription streaming service, whose contents are divided (for now) into nine thematic channels, called "Worlds": Great Art, Art Cinema, Classical Music, Dance and Ballet, History and Archeology, Pop and Rock Music, Current Offers (topical documentaries), Biographies, Theater Performances. Every single world will offer themed content, but of different types, monographs, documentaries, live events and much more, always trying not to remain sealed in its specific area but, on the contrary, will try to make references and connections between a genre and the other, thus creating the possibility of expanding the variety of use of contents to the best of the spectator's interests.

Mood, Playlist and Constellations

In this regard, Nexo + also proposes forty, at least in principle, playlists of contents chosen in relation to various moods and possible moods of the public. In this way we will have access to a flow of ideal material to be able to keep company, for example, on a quiet Sunday morning or able to get fueled as soon as we wake up or, why not, to release the stress and tension accumulated during a long working day. br>
Whatever the "theme" of the playlist that we are going to choose, the goal remains to offer us a 360-degree entertainment of quality and as much as possible in line with our state of the moment, pushing ourselves in the meantime to broaden our interest as much as possible, so as to encourage us to discover new content that is interesting for us. Alongside this, widgets are also present in the playlists, or a series of links, even external to the platform, which refer to other media that can further develop the topic being followed. As mentioned, at launch there are forty playlists available but, even in this case, the number is destined to grow in a short time.

All Nexo + Worlds and Playlists can in turn be enclosed in four " Constellations ”each sponsored by an exceptional testimonial. The first four Constellations available are those entrusted to the care of Elisabetta Sgarbi, editor, director, music producer and pharmacist who will propose a real "Dialogue between Knowledge", with events, documentaries on art and cinema, reading and meetings with authors and music, but above all by proposing a debate between science and philosophy on the, unfortunately, very topical vaccine theme.

Another constellation is the one sponsored by Feltrinelli Real Cinema, which will propose films, documentaries and cinematographic creative masters, in close collaboration with the third Constellation presented, that is the one entrusted to Alessandro Baricco and the Holden School, which present us with the worlds conceived and created by the school itself.

The fourth one closes the initial proposal, and for last hour, Constellation, or the one dedicated to the Far East Film Festival and Far East popular cinema.

An interesting Line Up

There are also four cont key players of the Nexo + line up, such as "Travel Notes", a documentary film dedicated to Francesco Guccini, made in collaboration with BGM and Nubifilm which sees the participation of many leading Italian artists, such as Zucchero, Elisa and Manuel Agnelli, just to name a few. Still remaining in the musical field, the initial offer also proposes an event dedicated to the Salzburg Festival, with two documentaries on the history of the kermesse, a live event that was held last summer.

For the "Current" section, the streaming platform offers us "Honeyland, the Kingdom of Bees", a touching documentary, nominated for two Oscars as best documentary and best foreign film, on the role of bees and the relationship between men and Nature and, finally, we will be able to enjoy in the World of History and Archeology, Agalma a documentary by Doriana Monaco on the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

Nexo + offers a subscription service of 9.99 euros per month for the entire content pack with a one-week free, no-obligation trial. In the near future it will also be possible to purchase a single content, such as a film or a documentary, or a single event broadcast in streaming.

Nexo + is an all-Italian idea, born from the need to be able to take advantage of quality content , artistic and cultural, in order to be able to spend quality free time, in fact, even in these strange days. A streaming service undoubtedly destined to grow and expand, always with new and interesting proposals, such as future exclusive productions and a selection of author's souls from the Japanese cinema.

The Nexo + service is available from 10 March with the basic package and the initial line up with forty thematic worlds.

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