LEGO recreates the iconic advertising of the 80s

LEGO recreates the iconic advertising of the 80s

A few days before International Women's Day, the LEGO Group addresses families with the aim of encouraging and supporting today's young women in their journey to become points of reference, role models and architects of change in the future. , whatever their interests, passions or career aspirations. It does so by once again resorting to that hotbed of creativity, imagination, innovative ideas and modeling of the future that still today teaches how to do it in many sectors, from fashion to entertainment, from inspiration for new technologies to the definition of role models still today of an overwhelming topicality: the 80s. A return to the past to prepare a better future for the new generations?

One of the most significant promotional campaigns of the LEGO Group dates back to 1981, represented by an image and a timeless claim

What it is - is beautiful "

and which in Italian would have sounded more or less like

" Whatever it is - is beautiful "

Even the body-copy (the text main page - Editor's note), however, was not far behind. The text read:

“Have you ever seen anything like it? Not as much as she has built, but rather how proud what she has accomplished makes her proud. Her is the same look that you will find in any boy or girl who has built something with their own hands. What they built is not important […] The LEGO Universal Building sets will be able to help children discover something very, very special: themselves "

By visiting, parents can submit a photo of their little girl or boy proudly displaying a LEGO brick creation, along with a few words describing his creative approach. On the occasion of International Women's Day, a unique poster made in the style of the iconic 1980s advertising will then be sent back to the family via email - ready to be printed and proudly displayed or shared on social media using the hashtag. #LEGOFutureBuilders.

Julia Goldin, Global Chief Product and Marketing Officer of the LEGO Group commented:

“All of us at the LEGO Group believe that children are our role models. We look to them for inspiration every day and we want to help them break down gender stereotypes and create opportunities for everyone. Celebrating people helps empower them, and through this campaign we, together with the help of parents and guardians, want to celebrate the skills and creative potential of today's young women - the next generation of amazing female leaders! "

Julia Goldin The results of the latest LEGO Play Well Study show that 73% of parents believe that gender differences are driven more by societal expectations than by biology. Many children try to positively challenge gender stereotypes in society, and the LEGO Group is committed to supporting them and creating an increasingly inclusive and diverse workforce that lives up to their ideals and expectations. In addition to having recently introduced some initiatives for a responsible workplace, the LEGO Group has signed up to the United Nations Empowerment Principles, to guide how we can improve the empowerment of women and girls, accelerate equality of and encourage young women more to achieve their goals, so as to make an even more significant contribution to International Women's Day.

This same 1981 ad was the subject of a media campaign in 2014, when it was tracked down the child star of the advertisement: Rachel Giordano, then (in 2014) 37 year old doctor of naturopathic medicine who worked and still works in Seattle (USA).

She who managed to trace the girl who in 1981 proudly showed her brick creation to the lens was the educational psychologist and American writer Lori Day, author of the book “Her Next Chapte r ", a book that can help parents talk to their daughters about topics such as stereotyping, sexism, bullying etc.

» Click here to buy the book (in english)

If you are finally curious to know which set the Rachel Giordano of today is holding, we can confirm that it is the set LEGO Friends # 41056 - Hearthlake City TV Van (you can find it on at this link)

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