Here's what the notch of the next iPhones will look like

Here's what the notch of the next iPhones will look like

There are photos of a spare parts company to anticipate what the notch of the next iPhone will be like

Photo: MacRumors The next iPhone could have a smaller notch and with some differences compared to the models already in circulation. In fact, after the advances that provide for a net upgrade of the battery of the new iPhone by and waiting for a folding model - like the iPhone Flip - to one day arrive in our pockets, it is MacRumors to publish a photograph provided by the Greek company of spare parts and repairs in which the alleged front panels of the iPhone 13 are shown.

Once again, therefore, Apple could decide to release the phone in three different formats and therefore, with a display of 5,4, 6, 1 and 6.7 inches - like the models already on the market. However, from the shared photograph you can see the presence of a smaller notch probably allowed by a repositioning of the front speaker hole which, in this case, has been moved near the upper edge of the device: a novelty already foreseen by Jon Prosser during the last year but which did not find space in the iPhone 12.

Since this is a rumor, we have no certainty that this modification will actually be present in the next generation but, already in the past, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hypothesized a possible thinning of the facial recognition sensor - the Face ID - that could allow designers to redesign the notch making it less bulky.

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