Forza Horizon 4: Steam version causes frustration among the players

Forza Horizon 4: Steam version causes frustration among the players

Forza Horizon 4

At the beginning of this week, almost four years after the original release, the Steam version of the racing game Forza Horizon 4 hit the market. But the initial joy of the fans did not last very long. As can be seen from the reviews submitted so far, they are satisfied with the game itself. However, there are a few things that are causing quite a stir right now.

Several buyers are complaining about performance issues. Some report severe drops in the frame rate and the resulting stuttering. Sometimes you can read about unusually long loading times. Most of the complaints, however, are based on the lack of a cross-save feature. Thanks to cross-play, it is possible for the players of the Steam version to play with the owner of the version from the Microsoft Store. However, there is currently no way to transfer the game status from one version to the other. Many fans cannot understand this and are correspondingly annoyed.

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In the meantime, however, Microsoft has spoken to the magazine on this subject and promised an early remedy - at least for the performance problems. Accordingly, the development team is listening very carefully to the feedback from the community and is already working on a solution. However, it is not yet clear when exactly this can be expected. It is also unclear whether the cross-save function requested by many fans will be submitted in the form of an update. As soon as the relevant details are available, you will of course find them immediately in our news section.

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Forza Horizon 4 Has Strong Start On Steam

Microsoft's latest Steam release, Forza Horizon 4, had a strong start on Valve's PC storefront. Following its release on March 9, the racing game zipped up on the top-seller charts on Steam, while the peak concurrent user numbers for the title have been strong right out of the gate.

The game's Twitter account celebrated the achievement, saying, 'Leave it to the Forza community to blow us away once again. Within our first 24 hours on Steam we are one of the most-played racing franchises on the platform. THANK YOU!'

For March 11, Forza Horizon 4 reached more than 20,000 peak concurrent users, according to Steam's own public data. This puts it at just outside the top 50 most popular games on Steam. Forza Horizon 4 remains in the top 10 for the best-sellers overall on Steam, according to the landing page on Steam's website. Perhaps less good news for Microsoft is that review scores from Steam users are currently listed as 'mixed,' after more than 3,000 user reviews.

Forza Horizon 4 is an older game, having originally released in 2018 on Xbox One and Windows PC. It's just the latest example of Microsoft giving an older game new life by bringing it to Steam.

Microsoft is planning to bring even more games to Steam in the future as part of its new approach to release its games in more places. This will include Halo Infinite, which is a big deal because Microsoft hasn't released a mainline game on PC right away since Halo 2. More recently, Microsoft brought Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC.

As for the Forza series, reporter Jeff Grubb has teased that Forza Horizon 5 might release in 2021. While that game remains unannounced, Microsoft has already confirmed that Turn 10 is working on a new Forza Motorsport title, but it's not expected to release for some time.

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