Fortnite: the Batman comic confirms a new Skin

Fortnite: the Batman comic confirms a new Skin


Since Fortnite Season 6 began, the web has suddenly filled with lots of rumors about the future of the Epic Games title. Among these rumors, we also have a lot of information that emerged thanks to the always very active dataminers. In addition, the clues on the next news coming within the battle royale seem to come through the new comic releases of Batman.

In the past, Epic Games has entered into several partnerships with DC Comics, adding several characters belonging to the stories seen in the DC comics. What is certainly curious is how things have now turned upside down, with the Fortnite characters entering the DC Comics comics. Furthermore, right inside one of the new comic stories, we find a big clue about the next Skin DC that will be inserted within the Epic Games title.

Let's talk about the arrival of Deathstroke in Fortnite, and to give us the "tip" was the well-known leaker ShiinaBR, who is always very close to everything that happens within the Epic game universe. The clue of Deathstroke's arrival within the successful title appeared on the cover of the fourth issue of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic, going to give us a hint about the appearance of the DC character, who had never yet been included in the title Epic Games.

Deathstroke is 100% becoming a skin in Season 6, as I leaked some time ago!

On the cover of the 4th Batman / Fortnite, you can already see that the character will be a part of the comic!

- ShiinaBR - Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR) March 21, 2021

We currently have no dates on Deathstroker's arrival in Fortnite, but it is likely that this umpteenth DC character may appear within the title during one of the next game updates. Meanwhile, from what it seems in these first days of Season 6, the impression is that we will again witness a season full of many and different crossovers with entertainment characters.

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Fortnite’s April Crew Skin Is Lynx’s Fashion Model Sister, Alli



Fortnite’s Crew skins have been all over the place, mostly original creations but sometimes things like Green Arrow from the CW DC universe. This month, we are back to originals, and this time, we have a connection to an iconic battle pass skin from years past.

Fortnite has just fully revealed Lynx’s sister Alli as the April Crew skin, which it describes as the following:

“Striding into Fortnite Crew is the felinely fashionable Alli, the star of April 2021’s Crew Pack. At approximately 8 PM ET on March 31, active Fortnite Crew members will receive this upcoming Crew Pack, which includes the Alli Outfit, the Squee Back Bling (a warning for ornery mice), the picked clean Skellyfish Pickaxe, the paw-plentiful Cat’s Paw Wrap, and the Catwalk Loading Screen.”

The loading screen is below showing Alli at her day job strutting on the runway.



Lynx was the Tier 1 battle pass skin from Chapter 1, season 7, and seemed to be a hacker type that you could upgrade with armor that made her look like a combination between Iron Man and Catwoman. It does not seem like Alli has a similar alternate armor look, but clearly the cat theme has carried over.

Alli is unique in the sense that I’ve never seen a Fortnite skin with hair quite like that, and I would imagine they’ve done a fair amount of work on the physics of those strands that go down practically to her knees as you run and shoot in combat, so curious to see what that will look like in motion.

As ever, subscribing to the monthly Fortnite Crew system for $12 gets you the monthly skin, the seasonal battle pass and 1,000 V-Bucks a month. If you’re already spending that many V-Bucks a month on Fortnite, it probably pays for itself pretty quickly, so I’m guessing a lot of avid fans have taken advantage of this, though I don’t think I’ve seen Epic actually release subscription totals for it.

I would say in the grand scheme of Fortnite Crew skins we’ve seen before, Alli is definitely one of the better ones, and would be tempting if I wasn’t already signed up for like 20 other subscription services, and I just don’t think I can do a dedicated Fortnite one at this point. But I mean, never say never, as lord knows I have been buying a lot of skins lately, so maybe I’d save money by doing so. I’ll try to run that math later.

Alli arrives March 31.

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