Files mysteriously disappeared from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint? Here because

Files mysteriously disappeared from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint? Here because

Numerous Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams users have reported several files missing or being moved to the trash after problems with Azure Active Directory this week. In fact, last Monday, the Redmond company suffered a major interruption of most of its web services, including Microsoft 365, Xbox Live and Exhange Online caused by an incorrect configuration of the Azure Active Directory service. Following this, several Microsoft SharePoint administrators, although finding the directory structure intact, noticed the lack of files inside them, which were deleted and moved to the SharePoint cloud recycle bin or, in some cases, to a local PC. .

BleepingComputer colleagues had the opportunity to speak with James Watt, an IT consultant from Pennsylvania, who had been inundated with messages and calls from his customers complaining about the disappearance of numerous files on SharePoint. After a careful analysis, it was discovered, in fact, that the data had been automatically moved to the trash at the exact same time, obviously an operation impossible to carry out for a person, especially since they were files also belonging to different folders. Harbor Computer Services’s Ted Kinczkowski also spoke about the incident, saying he was forced to change the passwords of affected users to prevent file deletion.

Microsoft, when asked about the matter, replied that it was already aware of the situation and that it had published the notes SP244708 (SharePoint) and OD244709 (OneDrive) in which users were informed that local copies of the files present in the OneDrive for Business or SharePoint recycle bin would be restored after starting a resync. Apparently, however, some admins, following the operation, did not find the files returned to the original folder and had to perform a manual restore.

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