Does vaccination affect long Covid?

Does vaccination affect long Covid?

Several people with Long-Covid syndrome report feeling better after getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. But scientists still don't have an explanation

Fatigue is among the three most common symptoms of Covid-19 reported by WHO, along with fever and dry cough (photo: LaylaBird via Getty Images) Long Covid: there is no it is still a precise definition of the fatigue, chronic pain and mental fog syndrome that some patients (especially women) carry around for months after contracting the coronavirus; it is not even known what its frequency is - perhaps between 10 and 30% of all infections. And now another mystery is added to the uncertainty about the causes of long Covid: several patients affected by the syndrome are reporting an improvement in their health conditions after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. A phenomenon that scientists do not know how to explain for now.

The stories of these patients are told by various Anglo-Saxon newspapers, from the Washington Post to the Huffington Post, to the Philadelphia Inquirer, from whose investigations it emerges that about a third of people with long Covid report feeling better after receiving the second dose of Covid vaccine.

A study from the University of Bristol (UK) also started with the intention of verifying safety of the vaccine in people who have already contracted the coronavirus infection, noted a small improvement in long Covid symptoms. But the number of patients involved (66) is considered too small to draw a conclusion. The phenomenon, therefore, has yet to be ascertained, experts say. It could be, after all, some kind of placebo effect.

Others, however, such as Yale University immunologist Akiko Iwasaki, are already scrambling to find a possible explanation. If the long Covid syndrome were a consequence of the fact that the coronavirus is still found inside the body, relegated to viral reservoirs, the vaccine by enhancing the T cells of the immune system could help eliminate the persistent infection. Another hypothesis is that if long Covid were the effect of an autoimmune response, vaccination could target the deviated immune system cells, which would then cease to attack the body.

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