ARK Survival Evolved: Release of the final DLC postponed

ARK Survival Evolved: Release of the final DLC postponed

ARK Survival Evolved

In the past few weeks, the final DLC "Genesis Part 2" for the survival game Ark: Survival Evolved has become very quiet again. Its release was originally planned for this month, but the fans have to wait a little longer for better or worse. Studio Wildcard announced this in a current status update on the official website. Accordingly, the publication is not expected until May 26, 2021. This is mainly due to the complications that result from the switch to the team working in the home office. In addition, the team wants to give the survival game a worthy end.

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ARK: Release of Genesis Part 1 postponed again

The expansion Genesis Part 1 for Ark: Survival Evolved is a little longer in coming than previously thought. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1367895,1360640,1346751,1342123'; "As we have already announced, there was a transition to working from home at the beginning of last year, which came with some restrictions. Working completely virtually is very challenging for some teams when they come from a workflow in the office. In addition to the complications of working in the home office, there was the challenge of figuring out how we could close the ARK saga as dignified as possible. (...) The game is very important to us, so we want to offer a grand finale. "

Studio Wildcard simply needs a little more time to complete the work on the DLC "Genesis Part 2" without having to make too many compromises in terms of quality. Therefore, the team has decided to postpone the release from March to May this year. After the release, the team wants to concentrate more on the successor Ark 2.

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Ark Genesis Part II DLC has been pushed back to May

Developer Studio Wildcard has pushed the release date for Ark: Survival Evolved's final DLC, Genesis Part II, back to May 26th. The devs also introduced a new creature coming with Genesis II, and detailed the 'philosophical changes' between Genesis Part I and Genesis Part II.'Please accept our humble apologies,' Studio Wildcard says. 'We're disappointed and have no doubt, everyone, eagerly awaiting Genesis II will feel that along with us.' The devs say the transition to remote working was one of the difficulties faced, along with the challenge of 'figuring out how to close out the ARK saga faithfully. From a narrative, cinematic, and end-game-wise perspective, it's something close to our hearts that we want to honour as the grand finale... the extra time will make a massive difference to the quality of the Gen II when it lands in your hands. We're passionate about delivering something truly special, and we're confident this extension will allow us to give you the epic finale you deserve.'

The creature in the image above was introduced as the Voidwyrm — a 'powerful and challenging new tame' arriving with Genesis II. Studio Wildcard added that player feedback resulted in two important 'philosophical changes' for Genesis II: the first being that the map is 'open and liveable,' and the second being that 'structures, items, and creatures have been designed to assist and improve gameplay and QoL for all of our players and designed to expand the meta in meaningful ways.'

Genesis Part II will be the last and largest paid DLC, and when it arrives in May, it brings a lot of new content, including new biomes, missions, creatures, and a voiceover by Doctor Who's David Tennant. The story revolves around 'the final confrontation' between HLN-A and Sir Edmund Rockwell, while the new creatures include the Shadowmane, the Stryder, the Astrodelphis, and the Noglin. Genesis II also brings new items like the Hoversail, the TEK bow, the TEK federation suit, the canoe, the minigun, and the TEK pistol, as well as new structures like the egg incubator, the ammo box, the remote camera security system, the loadout mannequin, and the TEK crop plot to grow plants in. Genesis Part II arrives on May 26th.

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