40% discounts on the fantastic Zavvi Mystery Boxes!

40% discounts on the fantastic Zavvi Mystery Boxes!

The promotions dedicated to gadgets and collecting continue, and in addition to those dedicated to Funko Pop! in recent days, in these hours on the Zavvi portal you can also buy many Mystery Boxes full of gadgets, t-shirts and much more with an extra 40% discount! Joining this initiative is simple, you just need to select the boxes you want to buy from the many offers from the portal and then, in the appropriate section of the cart, enter the discount code MYSTERY40.

The Zavvi Mystery Boxes are a of the most sought after exclusives by nerds and collectors, which allow you to obtain many gadgets and merchandise items that would be impossible to find elsewhere. The peculiarity of these Mystery Boxes is that, at the time of purchase, it is not known specifically what exactly the contents of the box are, only the main theme is known which can be dedicated to a specific franchise, or involve several such as the box dedicated to the space that presents articles from Star Wars, Star Trek and even Rick & Morty.

In any case, each Mystery Box is characterized by a t-shirt of the many belonging to the clothing lines present on the Zavvi portal - with sizes from S up to XXL -, a Funko Pop !, and 2 collectibles that always vary between clothing or bizarre items for the home, such as the set of coffee glasses with the logos of the Game of Thrones houses, the funny socks Big Bang Theory with Bazinga or a Star Trek bottle opener, in short, a real boon for pop culture fans!

In short, with this offer dedicated to Mystery Boxes that Zavvi has created a very varied promotion with many alternatives, and for this reason we strongly recommend that you visit the appropriate section of the portal, so that you can find the product perfect according to your tastes. Finally, before leaving the Zavvi virtual catalog, remember to subscribe to our four Telegram channels, respectively dedicated to offers, hardware & tech, clothing and sports and Chinese products, such as those of the Xiaomi, Redmi and Huawei brands. Happy shopping!

Our product selection

Mystery Box - Versus | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Cartoon | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Creatures | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Justice | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Timeless | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Mystery 2 | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Universe | € 22.99 (€ 40.99) Mystery Box - Squad | € 22.99 (€ 40.99)

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