The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey's fears for the second season

The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey's fears for the second season

The Last of Us

Right after the confirmation of the series renewal of The Last of Us , the actress who plays Ellie, Bella Ramsey, wanted to share her hopes and fears for the second season, explaining what she already has seen from script drafts.

The Last of Us series WARNING: The following contains spoilers for  The Last of Us

The Last of Us , season 2 scares Bella Ramsey, why?

The new HBO series , which airs exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW simultaneously with HBO , has received widespread praise from critics and audiences, including from fans of the 2013 video game Shortly after its record-breaking premiere and before the acclaim aired After episode 3, the second season of The Last of Us has been renewed by HBO.

For the occasion, Ramsey told in Josh Horowitz's podcast Happy Sad Confused what she expects at this point in the story :

I'm really excited about this Ellie's story and what you'll see about her. I took a look at a preview of the script, where you and Dina show, someone has done a phenomenal job – I don't know how they do it – with an incredible modification that resembles gameplay. I'm going to be really excited to get back to playing her. And also the complexity of her relationship with Joel, how it gets so much more complex… I can't wait. It will be somewhat thrilling to explore the variant and the emotional intensity, as well as the violence that goes with it. But I'm also nervous about it. Because I know what happens in the second part and I will be even more nervous because I won't see for a while a character that is very dear to me. It will be really sad.

What stands out from Ramsey's remarks about what to expect from The Last of Us season 2, is the loss he hints at and Ellie's relationship with Dina. Due to the events that take place in The Last of Us Part II , players of the eponymous work know that Ellie will be without Joel for part of the second season, allowing the story to focus on Ellie.

Ramsey also mentions how the relationship between Joel and Ellie becomes decidedly complex in the second game, as well as it will be very interesting to see this change that expands the relationship between the her character and that of Dina, who will probably be one of the most anticipated characters introduced in the second season of The Last of Us. Together with Abby .

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