Sanremo 2023: Marco Mengoni wins the Festival

Sanremo 2023: Marco Mengoni wins the Festival

Sanremo 2023

Sanremo - Marco Mengoni wins Sanremo. With Due Vite Mengoni won the 73rd edition of the Italian Song Festival. The following also arrived in the shortlist of five names in the final of the event, the fourth with the artistic direction of Amadeus:  Tananai, Ultimo, Mr. Rain and Lazza.

The winner of Sanremo The others in the final The other awards The general ranking

The winner of Sanremo

Marco Mengoni  The song Two lives talks about interpersonal relationships and focuses on the most intimate relationship, the one with oneself built thanks to different experiences. It is an invitation to really live and enjoy every moment, from those of boredom, even if only apparent, to the most heated feelings, as if it were the last moment available to us. The song written by Mengoni himself with Davide Petrella and Davide Simonetta while the production of the song is by E.D.D. and Simonetta. In 2013, exactly ten years ago with L' essential, the artist from Viterbo won the 63rd edition with a song that marked a fundamental point in his career, also making him win four platinum records out of the 67 achieved in his career. The last two albums are Materia (Terra) released in 2021 and Materia (Leather) released in 2022. The new stadium tour awaits him next summer, on July 8 at San Siro for the live grand finale of the Marco stadium tour 2023 .

The others in the final

Tananai, Ultimo, Mr. Rain and Lazza also arrived in the final five.

Tananai After the last place of the last edition with the song Occasional Sex, Tananai with Tango takes his revenge in Sanremo. In 2022, the Milanese singer-songwriter and producer released the album Rave, eclissi. He started under the pseudonym Not for Us, while still a teenager composing his first musical productions in his bedroom. In 2015 he participated as a competitor in Top DJ, reaching the final and finishing third, thus obtaining a recording contract as a producer and author. Subsequently he released A Diamond, his first original production thanks to a contract with the Sony Music group and Columbia Records Italia. His first single under the name Tananai is Volersi male.

Ultimo The song Alba is part of the new album of the same name by Ultimo, born Niccolò Moriconi , to be released on February 17, the result of a year of travelling. This contributed to the birth of pieces such as Come into my heart written in Los Angeles, those composed during his stay in London such as Ti va di stare bene , and Alba, which came to life in Sicily. Last in 2018 he was the winner in the New Proposals category with Il ballo delle incertezze , while in 2019 he took second place behind Mahmood with the song Your details . The Last Stadiums 2023 La Favola Continua… tour will start from the Teghil Stadium in Lignano Sabbiadoro on 1 July (zero date), will continue at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 7-8 and 10 and will end at the San Siro Stadium in Milan on 17 and 18 July.

Mr. Rain The rapper Mr. Rain, born Mattia Balardi and originally from Desenzano del Garda (province of Brescia), sang the song Superheroes together with the children of the Mitici Angioletti choir. He starts writing his first songs at the age of 18, the year in which he also begins to use his stage name: Mr Rain. In 2011 he made his debut with the mixtape Time 2 Eat and after two years he participated in the selections of X Factor 2013. After opening the concerts of Emis Killa, Fedez and Salmo, the following year he released his first album Memories together with the single that gives him notoriety: Carillon . Then came the successes of Ipernova and Even the grown-ups cry. To his credit he has three albums released and some collaborations including those with J-Ax and Annalisa. We also remember Mr. Rain at Sanremo 2022, for the evening of duets, together with Highsnob and Hu.

Lazza Lazza, aka Jacopo Lazzarini , is positioned well with his song Cenere at the Festival. He is now one of the best known rappers and musicians on the Milanese scene, as well as on the national one. Growing up in the Calvairate district and lover of old school rap, he experiments in his first works, as well as in today's successes, Lazza is capable of reaching even the most trap atmospheres, without ever forgetting the classical teachings, from the inevitable piano of his productions , studying at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan. After years of apprenticeship in the Zero2 and Block Recordz crews, Lazza joined the independent label 333 Mob in 2016, with which he released his first studio work Zzala the following year. Album that is a true forerunner to incredible collaborations starting from Dolcenera, with the song Porto Cervo a Guè in the single Gucci Ski Mask. In Lazza's palmares there is no lack of participation in the Red Bull 64 Bars project - capable of encompassing the best of the Italian hip hop scene of the moment - and the huge success of Catrame, also revisited with Elodie and Tedua and the stable presence in Salmo's Machete crew , Hell Raton and Slait. Sirio is only Lazza's latest album, after the success of King Midas in 2019. On March 7, he released Sirio,  the highly anticipated new album of unreleased songs for Island Records which was the best-selling and most listened-to album of all of 2022.

The other awards

The other Ariston awards won were:

Mia Martini Award (critics award): Splash by Colapesce Dimartino, written by the two songwriters and produced by Federico Nardelli and Giordano Colombo Lucio Dalla Award: Splash di Colapesce Dimartino , written by the two songwriters and produced by Federico Nardelli and Giordano Colombo Sergio Bardotti Award (best text): L'Addio di Coma_Cose , texts and music by Fausto Zanardelli, Francesca Mesiano, Fabio Dalè and Carlo Frigerio Giancarlo Bigazzi Award (best musical composition): Two lives of Marco Mengoni , written by Marco Mengoni with Davide Petrella and Davide Simonetta

The ranking

Below is the general ranking of the 73rd edition ion of the Sanremo Festival:

Marco Mengoni - Two lives Lazza - Ash Mr. Rain - Superheroes Ultimo - Alba Tananai - Tango Giorgia - Bad words Madame - Good in evil Rosa Chemical - Made in Italy Elodie - Due Colapesce Dimartino - Splash Modà - Let me go Gianluca Grignani - When you're out of breath Coma_Cose - Farewell Aries - Sea of ​​trouble LDA - If then tomorrow Article 31 - A nice trip Paola and Chiara - Fury Leo Gassmann - Third Heart Mara Sattei - Duemilaminuti Colla Zio - I don't like Country Cousins ​​- Letter 22 gIANMARIA - Levante Monster - Alive Anna Oxa - Sali Olly - Dust Will - Stupid Shari - Egoist Sethu - Lost Causes

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