Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | January 2023

Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | January 2023


The new year has brought and will bring with it many novelties in the videogame field: new triple-A titles, important announcements and updates. With regard to the latter, even Minecraft is no different, and with version 1.20 arriving in the coming months, the wait is getting more and more exhausting. And it is precisely here that the thousands of mods created by the community come to our rescue, which day after day churn out new content capable of completely changing the game. So here we present the best 10 mods of the month of January!

In this article you will find mods of all kinds, so as to be able to meet all types of players. Whether you enjoy exploring your world, fighting and upgrading your equipment, or constructing buildings with as much detail as possible, you're sure to find something in this article to suit your interests. And in case you need it, finally, we leave you with our guide in which we show you how to install mods in Minecraft .

#1 — Kelvin's Better Player Animations

Modloader: Fabric Version: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 Additional Files: Fabric API Release Date: January 1, 2023 Let's start this list with a mod that works directly on the movement of our character. In fact, with this add-on, all the animations that we will perform during our adventure are retouched. In this way all our movements are much more realistic and decidedly less static.

You can see the changes of this mod directly from the video that you find just above. All animations have been improved: walking, running, eating, swimming, jumping or falling will be more realistic than ever. In addition, new animations have also been added for when hovering on a block, or when walking on a thinner block, such as fences. A must have mod!

#2 — Sculpt

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 9, 2023

Minecraft This mod is meant for gamers who likes to build, and what it does is add variations for a large portion of vanilla Minecraft blocks. For example, if the iron block is available in a single version, with the Sculpt it is now possible to build two more with a markedly different appearance.

Although the mod presents a simple concept, it does its job perfectly allowing players to use the normal blocks already present in the game, but with different variations in order to add more fantasy to their constructions. A great way to make game blocks more diversified without distorting the vanilla experience too much.

#3 — NoCube's Better Frogs

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 7, 2023

Minecraft Frogs have been implemented in the game for a relatively short time, so it's no wonder that they have no real use. And while waiting for a possible official update in this regard, this mod solves the problem by giving the frogs some new drops, making them actually useful.

With NoCube's Better Frogs, now these animals will be able to drop the Thighs of frog, which can be eaten or used to create new foods using this ingredient; alternatively they can also be used to create potions to improve jumping. In addition, it is now possible to use Froglights to create new Froglights that work with redstone.

#4 — Tiny Item Animations

Modloader: Forge | Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 |1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 13, 2023

This simple mod slightly modernizes the animation of when you pick up or put down an object in your inventory. A small change for a niche mod, which combined with other add-ons of this kind can help "rejuvenate" those sides of Minecraft that have remained unchanged over the years.

#5 — VillagersPlus

Modloader: Forge | Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 |1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 14, 2023

Minecraft VillagersPlus, as the name suggests, adds substantial new features to Villagers. First, there are new villager roles available, including Oceanographer, Horticulturist, and Occultist. This means that the pool of objects that we can exchange with them increases significantly; with them, moreover, new workstations are also added that reflect the new roles.

Obviously, new structures have also been implemented that we will be able to find inside the villages, which will act as a "home" for the new types of Villagers. Even the latter, depending on their role, will present new skins made in the smallest detail.

Minecraft is available on all major consoles, and you can buy it on Amazon.

# 6 — NoCube's Better Grindstone

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 6, 2023

Minecraft Another simple mod that implements some very welcome small functions. The purpose of this add-on is to make the Grindstone more useful for the player: the new added function allows you to repair your weapon without having to combine it with another one, giving you the possibility to repair it up to a maximum of 33%.

Furthermore, by modifying a gamerule of the mod, it is possible to make this mechanic work with any object that has a durability, therefore all armor, tools and so on.

#7 — Undead Unleashed

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 23, 2023

Minecraft Through this mod several hostile mobs with an "undead" theme are added, but without falling into the zombie cliché, already present within the vanilla game. In fact, Undead Unleashed adds different types of ghosts, each with its own specific mechanics that will give the player a hard time.

Together with the mobs, various objects are also added: in addition to new weapons and armor, it will also be possible find new materials that we can use for different purposes. One of them is the Ghost Pepper, which allows us to spit flames, but it is essential to use it with caution, as it will also cause damage to those who consume it.

#8 — Convenient Decor

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 7, 2023

Minecraft Another perfect mod for anyone who loves to build on Minecraft, especially for those players looking for attention to detail. The Convenient Decor implements dozens and dozens of new decorative objects within the game, which can help make an environment decidedly more alive and less "empty". The peculiarity of the mod, however, lies in the fact that these decorations can be positioned in different ways, for example lying down, resting on other blocks or standing up. Creative freedom to the fullest!

Besides that, many of these items also have a utility. For example, the Watering Can can actually be used to water the crops, while the Weather Vanes tell us when the weather will change.

#9 — Durt's Nether Dungeons

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19 .3 |1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: January 21, 2023

Minecraft If the Nether has started to bore you, then you might consider giving this mod a try. Durt's Nether Dungeons works on the hell dimension and adds new buildings that you can find around the Nether, along with new blocks to mine.

In addition to this, some new mobs and items are also implemented, including a new very interesting mineral, i.e. Tempered Gold. With the latter it is possible to create tools that have the same power as those in Gold, but with the durability of those in Diamond. Quite an addition!

#10 — Beneath the Wetlands

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 |1.19.2 Additional files: GeckoLib | Fabric API Release date: January 20, 2023

Minecraft The last mod on this list focuses on the Swamps, and makes them enormously more interesting and varied by adding many new elements. Among these we have different structures, equally divided into numerous variants, and many new blocks and objects. New mobs are also added, both hostile and non-hostile.

The mod tries to stay as close as possible to the vanilla style of the game; this means that it will not distort the basic Minecraft experience too much, and is therefore suitable for anyone looking for mods that do not upset their games, but which instead add an extra pinch of adventure.

This mod concludes our list for this month! Was there any add-on on the list that you already knew about? Which ones are you going to try? Let us know with a comment below, and in the meantime we also refer you to the top 10 for the month of December.

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