Innsky IS-EE004 5.5 L review: perfect for quick and healthy meals

Innsky IS-EE004 5.5 L review: perfect for quick and healthy meals

Innsky IS-EE004 5.5 L review

Buying a good, efficient air fryer designed to reduce consumption is undoubtedly an excellent option for your kitchen. Having one of quality and right for your specific needs, allows you to cook quickly and above all in a healthy way. You can use many foods in just a few minutes of processing, ensuring a more than tasty consistency without adding oil to your preparation. From chips, puffs and cutlets to fish and desserts! In particular, today we find ourselves talking to you about the 5.5 L Innsky IS-EE004, a model which, in addition to meeting all these requirements, is also the ideal product for making meals for several people, given its good capacity.

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Therefore, a real resource for lunches and dinners spent alone or in company, for a total of 4 or 5 people (we recommend a maximum of 4)! No less important is its design, minimal and rather similar to the standards of air fryers, which allows you to place it anywhere without problems. Not surprisingly, not only are we talking about a versatile item but, moreover, thanks to the dimensions of 31.39 cm (width) x 37.76 cm (height) x 32.27 cm (depth), it is a comfortable kitchen appliance that just needs to get a small space, without too much effort.

Structure and default programs

The external coating and the internal walls are made of excellent stainless steel, so as to ensure a resistant and robust structure, designed to last over time. Obviously there are plastic parts but, being made with BPA PFOA free materials, they are more than safe! Another aspect to mention is energy efficiency. This model, in fact, belongs to class A, i.e. ideal for trying to save as much as possible on your bill at the end of the month, despite having a power of 1700W. Without a doubt, it is an air fryer with an excellent quality/price ratio, able to help you prepare multiple recipes, including 32 listed in the recipe book inside the package.

We dedicate a section of our review to the pre-set programs, one of the strengths of high quality models, designed to best meet all your preferences and cook practically everything at its best, with a simple click. The 7 pre-set programs are designed for time and heat based on the various foods:

frozen potatoes sweets pizza prawns chicken steak fish As we anticipated just above, using these different modes is really simple and quick. All you need to do is turn on the air fryer and then select the desired program with a click, directly from the display on the front of the Innsky model. Nothing simpler! Obviously, if you deem it necessary, you can easily change the settings and customize them each time.

Now having to give our impressions on the type of cooking and having already used other air fryers over time, we have way of giving you very clear and precise opinions on the cooking ensured by the model in question and the necessary times. It is known to all that air fryers are more than famous for their ability to prepare your dishes, especially frozen foods, meat and fish, without the need for added oil and above all ensuring a truly delicious and crunchy texture. Obviously this is one of the most important aspects of all and we can assure you that this appliance knows how to do its job at its best.

We have tried different types of food over the weeks and the final result has always amazed us in positive. Although it takes a handful of minutes more time to cook cutlets and fries to perfection than other models, we must say that the final result is truly impressive. After cooking Findus and Spinacine sofficini under the Conad brand for the first time, it seemed to us that this article managed to extract as little oil as possible from food, guaranteeing foods that were not dry but had an extremely crunchy texture.

We have noticed this in particular on various frozen foods which, generally, with other models have become crunchy but certainly have released more oil after 15-20 minutes of cooking. It should also be considered that, to make a practical and "realistic" test during a hectic day, we kept both the meat and a lasagna to be heated in the basket longer than necessary. Burns are difficult to reach if the times are not excessively dilated. This is because a light toasted layer tends to form below (in contact with the grill) and above, where the hot air strikes the most. Therefore, remaining within the margin of a couple of minutes more than the required time, you will still be able to obtain very enjoyable dishes. The same lasagna, already cooked and therefore drier, heated evenly without burning. Indeed, if you prefer dishes that are a little drier and crunchier, just add 2 to 4 minutes more via the display and the dish is served.

How comfortable and practical this fryer is air?

Another aspect not to be underestimated is, without a doubt, the comfort and practicality of using an article like this. Since we are talking about a good quality appliance, designed to make recipes for several people, it is essential that using it is easy and does not require excessive maintenance or preparation. And we know without a doubt that, wanting to prepare something quickly in an air fryer, there is no great desire on the part of anyone to spend too much time fixing it or cleaning it in a difficult way.

And indeed, this item has a very simple and minimal design. The most important precaution is the mesh grill inserted on the bottom of the basket, a convenience to be mentioned absolutely, which allows you to place your food on it, perhaps using parchment paper or other types of containers. Once cooking is finished, simply remove it and wash it either in the dishwasher or by hand. In this way, you will never have to fear that the basket will remain dirty, as not only will you be able to disassemble the two elements that compose it to wash them separately but, in addition, the uncovered bottom will also allow you to collect small food residues left. Therefore, also from a practical point of view, it is an air fryer that we highly recommend.


Our impressions of this model are generally very positive, it seemed to us extremely easy to handle, to set up, to clean and perfect for cooking really many recipes. We found ourselves very well in the daily preparations, both from scratch and for the simple heating of ready-made dishes and we believe that, generally, the structure is quite solid, especially inside. The only negative side is the width of the basket which is actually perhaps a bit narrow for four or five people. So let's see this air fryer more suitable for up to four people, as mentioned in the introduction.

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