PC Mats | The best of 2022

PC Mats | The best of 2022

When you think about gaming on the PC, in addition of course to the components inside our beloved PC, the thought often runs fast on the mouse and keyboard. What we forget instead is the mat, an essential accessory to give free rein to the potential of our mouse and, why not, also enrich our workstation. In addition to underestimating its importance, it would also be damn wrong to even think that one is as good as the other and there are in fact numerous aspects to consider when you find yourself having to choose one. Quality, size, features and, why not, also the aesthetic aspect: just to help you in this choice, we have decided to draw up for you a short but exhaustive list of the best PC mats on the market today. Big or small, cheap or premium: whatever your needs, there is for sure a mat for you and in this article you will find out.

Before you go and see what are the best PC mats, you already have properly prepared your gaming station with the best accessories and the best budget gaming chair? If you only want generously sized mats, you can find the best XXL PC gaming mats in our dedicated guide.

Best PC Mats

Corsair MM350 Logitech G Powerplay Gaya Mousepad Razer Firefly V2 Amazon Basic Mousepad

Corsair MM350

Let's start this journey among the best PC mats with the Corsair MM350, that is, with one of the best represented in the category. Available in different sizes, to satisfy any palate, the Corsair MM350 is a versatile and comfortable mat that will hardly disappoint you. Thanks to the woven surface, a non-slip rubber base and the anti-fraying stitching, this series of Corsair mats has very few weaknesses and will guarantee you hours and hours of play with the greatest possible fluidity.

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Logitech G Powerplay

The best mats for PC In case you have a compatible Logitech mouse, such as one of the excellent G502 Lightspeed, G PRO Wireless, G903 or G703 your choice as a gaming mat should definitely fall on the Logitech G Powerplay. This device, in fact, thanks to the technology of the same name, is able to recharge the batteries of wireless mice in real time, reducing the technical waiting times to zero if the mouse runs out in the middle of a few games. To this very comfortable feature is then added a surface and level materials, which make this Logitech G Powerplay certainly one of the best PC mats on the market.

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Gaya Mousepad

Obviously the eye also wants its part and, if you are particularly fond of some Bethesda production, you will be pleased to know that there are several PC mats that offer represented on their backs some of the most iconic productions of the publisher recently acquired by Microsoft. Skyrim, DOOM, Wolfenstein: these are just some of the famous brands that peep out on these products, certainly the best PC mats for anyone who wants to customize their desk to the maximum. Ah, to make it more interesting is that these are very good quality mats, which will not put a spoke in the wheels during some particularly demanding game.

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Razer Firefly V2

Could the PC mats not receive the now ubiquitous RGB lighting? Obviously not, and the market is in fact full of products of this type, which carry millions of colors even on this type of accessories. Among the best PC mats with RGB lighting to prevail is the Razer Firefly V2, a product that is certainly not cheap but of very high quality, being equipped with lighting on the entire edge, a surface in micro-texture perfect for sliding the mouse and even a stop- integrated cable. In short, if you want RGB lighting and want the best, the Razer Firefly V2 is definitely the product for you.

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Amazon Basic Mouse Pad

Who said that you have to spend a lot to have a great product? If you are looking for one of the best PC mats but do not want to spend too much, Amazon Basic comes to your rescue, which has put on the market some simple, cheap and, above all, extremely valid mats. Available in three different sizes, Amazon's mats are the best choice for those who don't care too much about aesthetics and go straight to the point, trying to get the most out of it without getting lost in unnecessary expenses. In short, if you need a mat this is definitely one of the best choices.

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How to choose the best PC mats

Choosing a gaming mat it is certainly not a complex undertaking like deciding a new video card or some other component for your computer, but there is no doubt that it is always good to take the right precautions to avoid finding yourself buying some product that is not at the top. After all, who would like to have a product in their hands that the mouse does not slide correctly or whose frames fray after a few months?

What is a PC mouse pad for?

For many, if not almost all, PC mats have a single function: to ensure the correct sliding and functioning of the mouse connected to your computer. For some, perhaps, for this purpose it is also added to act as a base to the keyboard, to prevent it from sliding and to make their gaming station even more visually pleasing. In short, PC mats could therefore seem, pass me the term, inanimate objects, to be placed and left stationary in a given point.

However, this is not always the case and there are in fact several mats with particular stand out from the crowd. RGB lights, for example, make these products even more customizable and unique, while for example the Logitech G PowerPlay is equipped with nothing less than the ability to recharge your Logitech wireless mice simply by placing them on top.

Which PC pad for the mouse to choose?

How to choose your PC mat? A question that may seem simple for many, but which in reality also hides behind it some arguments to do, as well as obviously also depending on what are the needs of each one. The first question to ask is obviously the one related to the size, that is to say what you want to put on the mat: do you just need the mouse or do you prefer to have the keyboard too?

Once you understand this aspect, which is actually the most important in this type of product, it is good and right to understand if you need some particular feature or not. Having done this, in addition to obviously letting you go with regards to the design of the product, it is important to make sure of the good quality of the chosen material and that it is therefore able to guarantee a good use and not to flake after a few months of use.

It seems trivial, but the first thing to consider when buying a new gaming mat is the size. Do you want a product on which to place the keyboard as well or as small as possible? Do you need ample room to maneuver or is a narrow piece of fabric for you? These are just some of the questions you might ask yourself to figure out the dimensions of your perfect PC mat.

Usually the dimensions of the PC mats are characterized by standard values, which however change often and willingly according to the manufacturer. However, they are as follows:

S or Small: 250mm x 210mm M or Medium: 360mm x 300mm L or Large: 450mm x 400mm Extended: 900mm x 300mm Do not be surprised, therefore, to find mats with different dimensions from those listed above, nor with other terms such as XXL or whatever. In short, take the list above as merely indicative, just to guide you in your choice before actually checking the dimensions of the product in its specifications.


Not all mats are the same and not all the materials guarantee the same gliding quality as the mouse. Based on your needs, and obviously also on your budget, taking a look at the material is good and right, to avoid possible nasty surprises after the purchase. Also not to be underestimated is the ease of cleaning the mat, with a water-repellent product which, for example, is less prone to getting dirty.


Of course, this is not one of the most vital in choosing one of the best gaming mats, but why not pay some attention to what is the design too? Single-color, with patterns or dedicated to some specific game: fortunately today there is only the embarrassment of choice and it is possible to make your own a product that is both beautiful and of quality. If you're a big fan of Skyrim, for example, why give up a nice, high-quality, dedicated mat?

Known Brands

You've found a PC mat that particularly inspires you but doesn't do you have any idea if it is a well-made product? After taking a look at the technical characteristics, such as material, dimensions and any features, a great way to understand if you are faced with a product worthy of note or not is to check the manufacturer. In case you are undecided, then check if the PC mat in question is of a known brand or not: if you are, you can go easy and be sure to find something of at least good quality in your hands. If you do not know the brand, instead, try to look for some information online, in order to check whether or not it is something reliable and characterized by a good background quality.

In short, the advice is not to be fooled by the prejudice that a PC mat is something simple and that one is worth the other: choosing something poor, in addition to making you lose money, will lead you to have a product in which the gliding of the mouse is not perfect, whose bezels fray in a short time or more. Getting information costs nothing and, above all, it will save you a few euros and even some nasty surprises.


But what is the right price for a good PC mat? Obviously, as always and how physiological it is, it depends on what you are looking for and what your needs are. If you want a simple product, intended only for the mouse and without particular features, you can therefore expect to hang a few tens of euros, while if you are looking for XXL mats, with LED lighting or dedicated to some particular brand, the price rises significantly, even reaching to exceed one hundred euros.

In short, the price of a good PC mat ranges from about 15-20 euros, for the simplest and smallest but still of good quality products, up to over one hundred euro if you are looking for highly innovative devices, capable for example of recharging the mouse during use. Apart from these extreme cases, which still deserve to be taken into consideration, for a good PC mat of any size, you will hardly find yourself spending more than 40-50 euros.

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