Hacked account: how to recover it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others

Hacked account: how to recover it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others

Hacked account

It is possible to try to recover a hacked account as long as you move quickly and using the official methods and channels made available by the host service: thousands of users are robbed of their accesses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Apple every day. or even TikTok and it is not just about valuable verified profiles, but also about pages with few followers / friends that will then probably be used for illegal purposes. The signs that suggest that the account is hacked are:

unusual content automatically published such as photos, videos or stories often with malicious links; adding unknown friends or contacts; change of associated email or username; notifications of accesses from unknown devices / locations; scam-style private messages sent to contacts. Acting promptly can avoid heavy problems, so if you notice these behaviors it is good to change your password immediately, but if this is no longer possible then you have to go to the service assistance. The vast majority of those who suffer this theft immediately give up thinking that there is nothing more to be done, but all is not lost, here's how.

Recovering a hacked Facebook account

There is a special page on Facebook for hacked accounts, where you must enter your email or phone number and indicate the last passwords entered. If you don't have this info then you can switch between the most used access devices in combination with geographical locations and from uploading identity documents.

Recovering a hacked account on Instagram

As explained on the support page, Instagram offers various methods if you can no longer reset your password. From the Android or iPhone app, tap Request assistance to log in under Login by entering your username, email or phone number and tapping Can't reset your password? then on Do you need further assistance? and then have a security code sent by email or text message.

Recover a hacked account on Twitter

Twitter also has its own dedicated page to try to recover the hacked account, it will be necessary enter as much information as possible to prove that you are the legitimate owner and reset the accesses, following the requests as you go.

Recover a hacked account on Apple

To regain possession of an Apple Id You can take advantage of the Apple Support app on an Apple device borrowed from a friend or the longer process of resetting from the web which will require the necessary step from a previously registered device. However, it may be more effective to switch between direct chat or phone assistance from the Apple Support Portal and from there choose the topic Apple ID and Security Concerns or Compromised Account.

Recover an account hacked on Google

Recovering access to a Google account is a sort of backward path from the one possibly performed by the attacker who will likely tamper with all possible entrance doors. It starts with resetting the password and from there it will be possible to prove that you are the legitimate owners by indicating the previous password, email or telephone number associated with the various personal information possibly indicated on your profile.

Recovering a hacked account on TikTok

There are various methods to try to recover the hacked account on TikTok, as explained in the appropriate page. You can contact support via the email feedback@tiktok.com, ask for help by filling out the form or - if the profile still opens - by tapping on the three lines at the top right, then Settings and Privacy and Report a problem.

How to protect yourself

Prevention is better than cure, so try to make an attack as difficult as possible. Never click on unreliable links from internal messaging and never, ever fall into the trap of a friend who asks to report the code received via text message (it is the key to access), but not only: waiting for the Passkeys to become reality widespread, it is good to defend the account with double-factor access, thinking carefully about complex passwords that are all different from each other and avoiding as much as possible access with Apple ID or Google (or Facebook or Twitter) to sites, apps or services that are not well known.

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