Will K-2SO return to Andor?

Will K-2SO return to Andor?

While the Star Wars fandom is focusing on the awaited Obi-Wan Kenobi, it should not be forgotten that, as announced during the Star Wars Celebration, another expected series of the franchise will debut on August 31: Andor. The series dedicated to the character who appeared in Rogue One will be set in a troubled period of the continuity of Star Wars, perfect for telling the origins of the troubled Cassian Andor. Since this is an origin story, fans have asked themselves a question that is anything but trivial: will we see K-2S0 in Andor?

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In Andor will we see the K-2SO droid again?

In Rogue One, K-2SO was the imperial droid reconverted by Cassian Andor and became his companion in adventure. To give life to K-2SO, through the CGI, was Alan Tudyk, who fans of the saga hope will be called again by the production of Andor to play K-2SO. To answer these doubts, during an interview with Vanity Fair, was the showrunner of the series, Tony Gilroy:

"We don't have Alan Tudyk with us. Not yet, at least ”

"His adopted planet will be the scenario of the entire first season, and we will see this world radicalize. Thus, we will see a new planet that has been fully exploited from a colonial perspective, with the Empire rapidly expanding, eliminating everything that stands in its path. There will be some people, characters who are part of the legacy, that the passionate audience will see as an important presence, that they know and understand. In some cases, they will be right, in others our purpose will be to say 'everything you know, what you have been told or read on Wookipedia, that you are telling each other ... it's all wrong!' "

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