Transformers: Trailbreaker & Jetfire Masterpiece arrive

Transformers: Trailbreaker & Jetfire Masterpiece arrive


After many requests from fans, TakaraTomy has officially announced the release of Jetfire (aka Skyfire) and Trailbreaker from the Transformers G1 series. Hasbro has been the owner of the rights to the Transformers for a few years and thanks to the collaboration with TakaraTomy, Hasbro is making fully transformable action figures inspired by their animated counterpart.

All the transformers are made completely in plastic with a very high quality, reaching a truly extreme level of posability. All these models have the ability to transform into their vehicular counterpart and are fully articulated. One piece of advice that we will never stop giving you is to equip yourself with instructions in hand during the transformation phase and follow them step by step, because unlike old toys they are not intuitive. Like all the previous masterpieces of this line also in this case, they are made to scale in order to maintain the proportions seen on television in the cartoon.

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Jetfire is one of the most reckless and courageous Autobots. The robot believes that the key to victory is laboratory-based science and that only by solving the big problems and advancing in the technology of the Autobots is it possible to defeat any enemy. His loyalty to the cause is matched only by his devotion to science, but his fellow Autobots at first did not trust him very much, as he was a Decepticon in the past.

Jetfire MP-57 will be released in the Japanese market in January 2023 at a price of 38,500 Yen.

If you are a huge fan of the Transformers world here is a link that is right for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking only for products concerning action figures, here is a link where you can find many other Masterpieces.

'Transformers' fentanyl trafficker indicted in Maricopa County for drug charges

Jose Luis Montoya Miranda, 28, is facing multiple felony charges after DEA agents allegedly found him in possession of several narcotics.

PHOENIX — Editor's Note: The above video is from an earlier broadcast.

A Maricopa County grand jury has indicted a suspected drug trafficker after investigators allegedly found him in possession of 140,000 fentanyl pills.  

Jose Montoya Miranda, 28, has been charged with several felonies after DEA agents in Phoenix arrested him on May 11 for allegedly possessing large quantities of fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine. 

According to the DEA, investigators found Miranda in possession of 11 pounds of fentanyl powder and 140,000 fentanyl-laced pills. One of the kilogram blocks of fentanyl was notably stamped with the 'Transformers' logo, according to the DEA.

Miranda is apparently not the first suspect to use the popular cartoon as a way to brand their product. 

Ecstasy dealers in Canada reportedly stamped the 'Transformers' logo onto their pills before investigators took down their network in 2011, according to CTV News.

Another suspected ecstasy dealer in Texas was arrested after investigators allegedly found him with pills designed to look like the Optimus Prime character from 'Transformers,' according to Wichita Falls Times Record News.

A DEA spokesperson told 12 News the cartoon stamp is commonly used by drug trafficking operations to label which drugs need to be shipped to the right buyer. 

Miranda has been charged with illegally conducting an enterprise, transporting or possessing narcotics, and misconduct involving weapons. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges during his arraignment in Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday. 

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