The Boys: Nichameleon's Starlight cosplay is radiant and a bit crazy too

The Boys: Nichameleon's Starlight cosplay is radiant and a bit crazy too

The Boys

Season 3 of The Boys continues with a new episode per week on Amazon Prime Video. Waiting to know the next moves of the Boys and The Seven, we admire the Starlight cosplay signed by Nichameleon, also known on social networks as nic_the_pixie.

Starlight, the heroine alias of Anne January, does not really need great introductions for those who follow The Boys. She is a super of her able to manipulate the electricity in the vicinity of her, channeling it into her body and then hurling it on the unfortunate on duty generating a barking explosion. She is one of the few members of The Seven, the strongest and most celebrated group of heroes in the United States, who is purposeful and dedicated to saving people rather than adding to her bank account with movies and commercials.

Like many other cosplayers, Nichameleon to represent Starlight has decided to use the "reduced" and sensual variant of the character's costume, which in the Amazon Prime Video series is imposed on her by the upper floors of the multinational Vought to increase her popularity among the public. In the first shot we can admire the model simulating the activation of Starlight's powers, while in the last one she assumes a somewhat crazy expression, which is now a characteristic feature with which she signs all of her works.

Staying on the subject, we also suggest you take a look at the Queen Meave cosplay, also from The Boys, made by kristy_che_. Completely changing the genre, we recommend the cosplay of Camie from My Hero Academia by Tati and the cosplay of Azzurra from Pokémon Sword and Shield made by hikari_3602.

What do you think of this Starlight cosplay made by Nichameleon? Please let us know in the comments.

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42 details you might have missed in season 3 of 'The Boys,' so far

From left: Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, and Laz Alonso for season three of 'The Boys.'Courtesy of Prime Video

  • Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for season three of Prime Video's 'The Boys.'

  • The first three of eight total episodes were released on Friday, June 3, with the rest dropping weekly.

  • Insider rounded up all the Easter eggs, callbacks, and other hidden details you may have missed.

  • The season three premiere features the same statue of Soldier Boy from last season.

    Jensen Ackles plays Soldier Boy on season three of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    The camera briefly passes over a fallen Soldier Boy statue in a scene from 'Dawn of the Seven,' which is a parody of DC Comic's 'Justice League.'

    The same figure was briefly shown in season two, episode seven when Homelander (Antony Starr) and Stormfront (Aya Cash) spoke at a rally outside Vought Tower.

    The statue is also a tease of Jensen Ackles' highly anticipated arrival as Soldier Boy in season three.

    The supe named Termite, who was briefly seen in season one, returns at the start of season three.

    The character Termite seen in seasons three and one of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Termite is a parody of Marvel's Ant-Man and can shrink to a tiny size.

    Termite quickly appeared in the season one premiere (played by Mike Donis) when Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie (Jack Quaid) went to a secret supe sex club.

    In season three, the character shows up at a penthouse party. In one of the show's most outrageous scenes, Termite (played by Brett Geddes) shrinks and crawls into a man's penis to pleasure him. Termite accidentally sneezes, leading him to revert to his normal size and murder the man.

    Music from Billy Joel, one of Hughie's favorite musicians, is featured in the season three premiere.

    Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty in season three, episode one of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Joel's hit song 'Uptown Girl' plays during a montage of Hughie and Annie January/Starlight (Erin Moriarty) getting ready in the morning and at the episode's conclusion.

    Past episodes have included the singer's other songs like 'You're Only Human (Second Wind),' and 'Pressure.'

    Hughie's dad makes a brief appearance via video after being put in protective custody with the CIA in season one.

    Simon Pegg stars as Hugh Campbell.Prime Video

    His dad (played by Simon Pegg) was put in protective custody in season one, episode seven to prevent him from getting in harm's way as the Boys' fight against Vought intensified.

    Story continues

    Hughie has a framed photo of Annie on his desk at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (FBSA).

    Hughie Campbell is portrayed by Jack Quaid.Prime Video

    Hughie joined the FBSA, which is led by congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), in the season two finale.

    By the end of the season three premiere, he learns that she's the head-popping supe.

    Victoria has a framed photo of herself and her daughter, Zoe, in her office.

    Claudia Doumit and Jack Quaid in season three, episode one of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Season three of 'The Boys' reveals more about Victoria's backstory, such as her unlikely connection to Vought's Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito).

    Mother's Milk gives his daughter Janine a Flava Flav clock on a chain for her birthday.

    On the left: Mother's Milk, Monique, and Janine in season three, episode one of 'The Boys.' On the right: Flava Flav posing in 1989.Prime Video; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

    The giant clock is the rapper's signature accessory.

    In a 2011 interview with Vanity Fair, Flava Flav said that he began wearing the clock around his neck after a friend dared him. Then, the item started to become much more symbolic.

    'The reason why I wear this clock is because it represents time being the most important element in our life,' he said. 'Time can't afford to be wasted, but not only that, but God only gave us one life. Each minute we live, we got to live each second to our best value. Time brought us up in here, and time can also take us out.'

    Victoria name-drops three supes from the comics: Cold Snap, Stacker, and Airburst.

    Victoria Neuman is played by Claudia Doumit.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    In the world of the TV series, those supes are B-listers. In the comics, Cold Snap and Stacker are part of the G-Force and Starburst is from G-Wiz, subgroups of the G-Men.

    The Boys finally move into their headquarters from the comics, New York City's Flatiron Building.

    The famous Flatiron Building seen in season three of 'The Boys' and in the comics.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    The group previously operated out of filthy basements in the first two seasons of 'The Boys.' In season three, they finally get an upgraded location with more space to scheme.

    Supersonic, formerly known as Drummer Boy, makes his debut this season as Starlight's ex.

    On the left: Supersonic in season three of 'The Boys.' On the right: Drummer Boy in the comics.Courtesy of Prime Video; Dynamic Entertainment

    In the comics, Annie met Drummer Boy at Capes for Christ, a junior ministry.

    In the TV show, Alex/Supersonic (Miles Gaston Villanueva) dated Starlight while on the Capes for Christ circuit back in the day. He used to be a member of the boy band known as Super-Sweet and rebranded to Supersonic after going solo.

    Supersonic reenters her life when he competes on the reality show 'American Hero' in the hopes of joining The Seven.

    'American Hero' finalist Silver Kincaid is a character from the comics.

    Silver Kincaid is a minor character in the comics.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    In the show, Silver (Jasmin Husain) is the first supe to wear a hijab. She's from Birmingham, UK, and her powers are telepathy and telekinesis.

    In the comics, the character is much different. Silver first appeared in volume four, issue 23. As a child, she was kidnapped by G-Men head John Godolkin and trained to become a member of his supe group. Silver was a leading member of the G-Men until she publicly killed herself using her powers.

    Queen Maeve being Butcher's informant is a nod to the comics.

    Dominique McElligott and Karl Urban in season three, episode one of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    In season three, Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) shares intel with Butcher from the inside — like the location of Termite in the season premiere. She also gives him samples of temporary compound V, an untested drug that gives users powers for 24 hours.

    Maeve teams up with Butcher because they have a shared hatred of Homelander and there's supposedly a weapon that they can use to kill the supe.

    In volume seven, issue 46, Maeve is revealed to be the Boys' informant who plants bugs in the Seven's headquarters. Similar to her TV show counterpart, Maeve despises Homelander.

    Butcher has a dog-shaped jar that seems to be a nod to his beloved dog Terror and his home country.

    Butcher has a dog named Terror.Prime Video

    The dog has a collar with the UK flag printed on it and is wearing the country's flag around its back.

    Butcher's real-life dog was first seen in a season one flashback and returned for season two in the present day.

    Butcher and Homelander's tense, face-to-face sit-down is reminiscent of a similar one that occurred between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino's characters in 'Heat.'

    A scene between Butcher and Homelander pays homage to the film 'Heat.'Prime Video; Warner Bros.

    In episode one of 'The Boys,' Homelander visits Butcher at his apartment and they agree to fight to the death once their strength is regained.

    In the 1995 crime film 'Heat,' the most iconic moment took place between De Niro and Pacino's characters at a diner. During the scene, the two realized that despite being different people, they share some similarities. The guys also bluntly state that they won't hesitate to fight each other if they get in each other's way.

    In a recurring theme, Hughie gets covered in blood in the season three premiere.

    Hughie covered in blood in seasons one, two, and three of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Every season opener features a scene in which Hughie unexpectedly finds himself covered in blood.

    In the season one premiere, it happened when A-Train ran through his then-girlfriend, Robin (Jess Salgueiro), and murdered her as Hughie was holding her hands.

    In the season two premiere, Hughie got covered in CIA director Susan Raynor's (Jennifer Esposito) guts after Victoria made her head explode.

    Then in season three, Hughie again gets caught in Neuman's line of fire. While spying on her in an alleyway, he witnesses Victoria murder a former friend named Tony, who knew her back when they were in a group home for supe children.

    Billy Zane has a cameo this season as former Church of the Collective leader Alastair Adana in a TV movie.

    Billy Zane in season three, episode two of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    The movie is called 'Not Without My Dophin,' starring the Deep (Chace Crawford) and based on the supe's best-selling memoir 'Deeper.' Unlike reality, the Deep is the hero of the story.

    Zane previously showed up in season two, in the form of a poster for a film called 'Terminal Beauty 3,' costarring Popclaw.

    Butcher's desktop photo is an image of Terror.

    Butcher loves his dog Terror.Prime Video

    You can see it when Butcher video chats with Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) at the start of episode two.

    The choreographer helping Supersonic with his moves at the soundcheck for Homelander's annual birthday spectacular is the real-life choreographer for 'The Boys.'

    Supersonic's choreographer is a real-life member of 'The Boys' crew.Prime Video

    Amy Wright is seen helping Supersonic with the dance moves for his hit song 'You've Got a License to Drive (Me Crazy).'

    Mother's Milk has the magnets on his fridge neatly arranged.

    Laz Alonso and Karl Urban in season three, episode two of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    The magnets are arranged in three columns based on their colors. This is the result of MM's OCD and his tendency to do things in threes, something that Annie picked up on in season two, episode four.

    The byline in a newspaper clipping about Soldier Boy is a nod to a 'Boys' crewmember.

    Season three reveals the role Soldier Boy played in Mother's Milk history.Prime Video

    The article about Soldier Boy catching a car thief in Harlem was written by Adam Bocknek and Janet Chandler. In real life, Bocknek is the show's second assistant director.

    The whereabouts of Madelyn Stillwell's son, Teddy, are finally revealed.

    Teddy Stillwell in season three, episode two of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Teddy was in Madelyn's (Elisabeth Shue) house when Butcher detonated a bomb right after her death in the season one finale. The season two premiere revealed via a news report that Teddy was found alive 17 miles away.

    In season three, episode two, Hughie runs into Teddy, now 3 years old, at The Red River Institute. Teddy is shown to have the power to teleport, which explains how he escaped the house and survived the bomb explosion.

    Episode two subtly sets up the upcoming college-focused spin-off series.

    Season three, episode two quietly sets up a 'Boys' spin-off show.Prime Video

    As the woman from Red River shows Hughie kids in the system, a photo of a 17-year-old girl named Marie M. can be seen. The character is played by 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' star Jaz Sinclair, who will lead the untitled 'Boys' spin-off show.

    The series will center on young people with superpowers at a Vought-owned college.

    Hughie's laptop background image is a photo of him and Annie.

    Hughie works for the FBSA in season three.Prime Video

    It can be seen when Hughie watches footage of young Victoria, then known as Nadia, meeting Stan for the first time.

    Homelander commanding a suicidal young person to jump off a roof seems like a flipped parody of a moment from Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's 'All-Star Superman' comic-book series.

    Homelander is portrayed by Antony Starr.Prime Video

    In the comics, Superman sees a girl named Regan contemplating jumping off a building. But he tells her that she's stronger than she thinks she is and is able to talk her down from following through.

    Homelander is far from heroic in episode two of 'The Boys.'

    Initially, he's supposed to prevent Chelsea from jumping as part of his yearly tradition of saving a civilian. But when he learns that Stormfront has committed suicide on his Vought-given birthday, he disregards the plan and tells Chelsea to jump.

    Homelander's 'only man in the sky' comment is a callback to the comics.

    Homelander is not an admirable supe.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    As a terrified Chelsea gets closer to the edge of the building, she says 'Oh, God, oh God.' In response, Homelander replies: 'No, no, no. No God. The only man in the sky is me.'

    The line also served as inspiration for the episode's title.

    In volume seven, issue No. 47 of the comics, Homelander said the same line — but the context was slightly different.

    In the source material, a family called the Mullers won the grand prize of dinner with Homelander at a Believe event. As Homelander lifted a car with the family through the sky, he revealed to them that Believe is a scam. Then he dropped the car and let the people fall to their death, saying, 'The only man in the sky is me.'

    In episode two, Kimiko holds an origami figure of a mouse, a reminder of her brother Kenji.

    The origami mouse is a reminder of Kenji.Prime Video

    Mouse was the nickname Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) had for Kenji (Abraham Lim), who was murdered by Stormfront in season two, episode three.

    Gunpowder's license plate is 2A4EVER.

    Karl Urban stars as Butcher in 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    This is a nod to Gunpowder's (Sean Patrick Flanery) diehard support of the 2nd Amendment.

    Episode three's title, 'Barbary Coast,' is taken from volume nine of the comics.

    Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, and Jack Quaid in season three, episode three of 'The Boys.'Courtesy of Prime Video

    The storyline took place across issues 52 and 53 of the comics. It centered on Hughie meeting Mallory for the first time and learning more about the real events that went on during WWII and other revelations.

    The title is fitting for episode three of 'The Boys,' since the titular crew visits Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) to find out what actually happened in Nicaragua.

    Mother's Milk telling Frenchie to 'police your shit' is a nod to the comics.

    Mother's Milk is extremely clean in the show and comics.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    In episode three, Mother's Milk tells Frenchie (Tomer Capone) to show some respect because it's a historic building.

    He said the same thing in volume one of the comics when the Boys arrived at their Flatiron HQ.

    The name on the doors of the Boys' HQ — Greywal & Co. — is a nod to the show's late production designer Arv Grewal.

    Jack Quaid stars as Hughie in 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Grewal died in October 2020, while designing the sets for season two of 'The Boys.'

    A-Train/Reggie's brother Nathan wears a jacket in support of the Southview Roadrunners.

    Nathan and Reggie hugging in season three, episode three of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    This is a nod to showrunner Eric Kripke, who graduated from Southview High School in 1992. The mascot is the same one from Kripke's junior high in Toledo, Ohio.

    After Butcher lashes out at Ryan in episode three, the boy angrily yanks off his chain and throws it to the ground.

    Karl Urban as Butcher and Cameron Crovetti as Ryan in 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    Butcher gave Ryan that St. Christopher necklace in the season two finale, following Becca's (Shantel VanSanten) death.

    Butcher told Ryan that it belonged to Becca and she gave it to him years prior, assuring him that it would keep him safe.

    Katia Winter makes her first appearance as Little Nina, a character from the comics, in episode three.

    On the left: Katia Winter as Little Nina in season three, episode three of 'The Boys.' On the right: Little Nina in the comics.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    In the show, Nina (Katia Winter) is a ruthless drug trafficker that Frenchie used to work for.

    In the comics, she makes her first appearance in volume two and is literally a small woman with a bowl haircut. She gave over 100 people a compound V derivative and planned on orchestrating a coup to bring down the Russian government.

    Episode four's title comes from volume two of the comics.

    Karen Fukuhara, Karl Urban, Tomer Capone, and Laz Alonso in season three, episode four of 'The Boys.'Courtesy of Prime Video

    In the 'Glorious Five Year Plan' storyline, the Boys travel to Moscow, Russia, and investigate Nina's coup.

    In episode four of the show, the crew heads to Russia in search of a weapon powerful enough to take down Homelander.

    Stan calling Homelander 'bad product' is a nod to the source material.

    Giancarlo Esposito portrays Stan Edgar.Prime Video

    After being ousted as the Vought CEO, Stan tells Homelander that he'll regret the move because the public will learn how pitiful he is. To further crush Homelander's fragile ego, he tells the supe that he's not a god, just a 'bad product.'

    A similar moment occurred in volume 23, issue 72 of the comics when Vought executive James Stillwell called a new supe team 'bad product.'

    Jamie the hamster from the comics pops up in the Russian lab, but he's a bit different.

    Jamie the hamster is from the comics.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    Early in the comics, the Boys encountered the hamster after Hughie murders a supe named Blarney Cock from the group Teenage Kix. The animal was shoved up the supe's butt and Hughie saved it. Then he renamed it from Herbie to Jamie.

    In episode four, the Boys see a seemingly harmless hamster named Jamie in a chamber in the lab. When it goes wild and breaks free, they realize that the hamster has powers because it was given compound V.

    In the lab, Hughie recreates his first murder from the comics.

    Hughie's murder in season three, episode four mirrors a similar moment from the comics.Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    With V24 in his system, Hughie uses his newfound strength and power of teleportation to save the Boys when guards barge in. While fighting off one guard, he accidentally punches his fist straight through his chest, murdering him.

    In the comics, Hughie accidentally murdered Blarney Cock in the exact same way.

    The title of episode five — 'The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies' — is taken from the comics.

    Karl Urban and Jack Quaid as Butcher and Hughie, respectively, in 'The Boys.'Courtesy of Prime Video

    The same title was used for volume 10, issue four of the comics, which was a six-issue mini-series about Butcher's origin story.

    Hughie giving Annie bars of Almond Joy, Charleston Chew, and Bit-O-Honey is a callback to a moment from season two.

    Annie's favorite candy bars are Almond Joy, Charleston Chew, and Bit-O-Honey.Prime Video

    Hughie gives her the candy, along with White Claws and bath bombs, after the death of Supersonic.

    While on a road trip with Mother's Milk in season two, episode four, Hughie met with Annie to help her with a 'vending machine crisis.' She revealed that her top three candy bars are  Almond Joy, Charleston Chew, and Bit-O-Honey.

    In response, Hughie called them the ''three worst candy bars in the history of candy.'

    Nina giving Frenchie chocolate limes for Kimiko 'when she wakes up' is inspired by a similar moment from the comics.

    On the left: Little Nina holding a bag of chocolate limes. On the right: Hughie with a bag of chocolate limes in the comics.Prime Video

    In the show, Kimiko ends up in the hospital following Soldier Boy's attack.

    In volume six, issue 34 of the comics, Frenchie got the same treat for The Female while she was in a coma.

    Paul Reiser guest-stars in episode five as the comic-book character The Legend.

    On the left: Paul Reiser as the Legend in season three, episode five of 'The Boys.' On the right: The Legend in the comics.Courtesy of Prime Video; Dynamite Entertainment

    In the show, the Legend was the VP of hero management at Vought before Madelyn took over. He helps the Boys out occasionally and has a lot of eccentric stories about encounters with celebrities.

    In episode five, they ask the Legend about Soldier Boy's whereabouts.

    In the comics, the Legend was inspired by Stan Lee. The character made his first appearance in volume two. He used to be a comic-book writer for Vought-American, spinning false narratives about the corrupt supes to make them look good to the public.

    Both versions of the Legend have a prosthetic leg.

    'The Boys' cocreator and executive producer Seth Rogen returns for another cameo.

    Seth Rogen in season three, episode five of 'The Boys.'Prime Video

    In season three, episode five, he appears on Crimson Countess' (Laurie Holden) OnlyFans account. His username is SirCumsALot779.

    Rogen previously appeared in season one, episode six while discussing his experience working with Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) on a film. He returned in the season two premiere while speaking about the supe named Translucent (Alex Hassell).

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