Sunglasses | The best of 2022

Sunglasses | The best of 2022

If we take a step back in time, it is immediately clear to us that sunglasses have always played an important role in the history of fashion. True cult models have marked entire eras: from Tom Cruise with the teardrop Ray-Bans that have become very famous thanks to Top Gun, to John Lennon and the round glasses part of his identity, to Sandra Mondaini (if we want to play at home) with its smoky goggles in warm tones.

Sunglasses are the accessory that identifies us par excellence: protagonist of the face, it is one of the first things to be noticed when wearing it and it is also a object that can give us a mysterious charm. In addition to the purely aesthetic function, however, sunglasses have the primary task of protecting our eyes. The sight, in fact, is not only severely tested by some solar rays, but it must also be protected from glare, dust and numerous external agents that easily attack our eyes.

Read also: Swimming pools garden | The best of 2022 This is why it is essential to know how to protect yourself properly: the choice of sunglasses becomes more important than ever to preserve our sight and to allow us to face the days in total safety. In all this we must not forget the children. Very often, in fact, in this discourse children are pushed aside, thinking that they should not be protected from the sun. In their case, on the other hand, it is all the more necessary to rely on experts who know how to give the best advice and who monitor any changes that vision may undergo over time. Growing up with healthy eyes and a hawkish view is only possible by starting to safeguard yourself from an early age!

There are many elements to consider when choosing sunglasses, and often our choice is also dictated by the type of activity we indulge in. So, if we are super sportsmen who prefer high mountain activities, we will have to move towards the choice of sunglasses with excellent polarization; if we spend a lot of time at sea or on a boat we will have to pay attention to choosing a lens that is specially treated and designed to resist grains of sand and salt water.

Finally, if we already have a visual difficulty we must take care to choose sunglasses that help to create a maximum contrast between colors and between white and black for total driving safety. In short, there are many factors to be analyzed and this article aims to guide and facilitate you in choosing this product, highlighting the various differences between the glasses and helping you to find the ones that best suit your needs.

The best sunglasses

Ray-Ban Persol Oakley Polar Polaroid Hawkers


Let's start with what is perhaps the most famous sunglasses brand in the world: Ray-Ban. The glasses we offer are the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic, the best known model of this brand thanks also to the success achieved by Top Gun in the second half of the 1980s. The Ray-Ban Aviator Classic are a timeless model: the iconic gold frame is combined with a great variety of lenses, and their lightweight frame allows them to be worn for a long time without having discomfort feeling the point of support on the weighted nose. The lenses are made of crystal and this makes them more resistant to scratches, while the protection provided is UV 400.



The Persol brand is a Italian brand, which for more than 100 years has offered models of glasses for all tastes. There are many models that have gone down in history, many also thanks to some celebrities. We offer you the Steve McQueen model, the first model of sunglasses to be foldable. Equipped with an acetate frame, these glasses are designed with a key bridge positioned in the middle of the frame: in this way the glasses can be folded, greatly reducing their size, revealing themselves to be an authentic masterpiece of high Italian craftsmanship.



If you are a cycling enthusiast, you know how important it is to have comfortable, high-performance eyewear. The Sutro S model of the Oakley brand is inspired by the daily life of urban cyclists: designed with a high shield to completely cover the eyes, these glasses have coated lenses with 100% protection to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, thus reducing their fatigue. Thanks to Prizm Lens technology, color contrast and depth perception will be enhanced, so as to immediately capture more details of the surrounding environment. During your workouts you will therefore always have clear vision and superior comfort.



For those with vision problems having to constantly switch between glasses alone to corrective ones it is in the long run tiring and uncomfortable, also causing significant eye strain. The choice between shielding from sunlight or perfect visibility of the environment around us can be easily solved thanks to the use of a clip-on model. In fact, this type of eyewear allows you to apply a pair of sun lenses to the optical frame: the prescription lenses are therefore "fixed", while the darkened ones will be applied and removed if necessary. The models we propose are of the Polar brand, equipped with Super Polarized lenses designed with magnetic clip.



As already mentioned in the introduction, the eyes of children must be protected as much as those of adults. The eyes of the little ones are more transparent and this makes them more delicate and sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, finding quality sunglasses becomes even more important, because possible damage to the lens and retina will be avoided. Among the most established brands we find Polaroid: with very high quality lenses combined with cutting-edge materials and treatments, Polaroid glasses will block UVA and UVB rays while remaining comfortable to wear and resistant during all their moments of play.



If you want to focus on quality sunglasses without being forced to spend a lot, Hawkers brand products are a guarantee. The model we propose here is characterized by a matte black frame and blue mirrored lenses, much appreciated by those who practice sports. The lenses of the TR18 under the Eastman branding are of great quality, and overall these glasses prove to be a valid product capable of providing an excellent balance between transparency and resistance. Finally, these glasses are sold together with a personalized microfiber sheath and a decorative sticker.


How to choose sunglasses

The eye wants its part (to stay on topic!), but in the choice of this product the aesthetic aspect will have to be less important than the decisive factors to safeguard the health of the eye. Tastes are subjective and everyone will buy the model most in line with their style, while it is important to give priority to the elements that are useful to protect the eye as much as possible. So let's see together below what should catch our attention during the selection of sunglasses, evaluating the proposed models also according to the needs we have.


If you are slightly careless people who put their things everywhere without paying too much attention to it, this type of treatment is for you. Scratch-resistant, or hardened, lenses are lenses that have greater resistance to scratches and small grooves. A treatment that will be indispensable if you are always in a hurry, constantly taking and moving objects, often inside bags or backpacks, risking to ruin them while they are in contact with other things. Your glasses will last longer, having always perfect lenses despite continuous use.


We can have polarized and non-polarized lenses, and according to the needs we have we will orient ourselves in the choice between these two types of models, but let's take a step back starting from the terminology. "Polarizing" means directing the light towards a single pole: the polarizer is, therefore, a filter that converges the radiation towards a single destination, increasing the performance of the lens and thus improving the quality of vision. So if we find ourselves in a situation where light strikes flat surfaces, such as water or asphalt, the polarizer will then act on the reflections that are created and that dazzle us by eliminating them. Polarized lenses, therefore, do not indiscriminately dim the light but only attenuate reflections, and this is extremely useful when we are driving and need to see the road in front of us clearly. Polarization will help us not only to protect ourselves from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but will allow us to enjoy a clear, safe vision, full of contrasts and free of reflections. All this will prevent us from eye strain, eliminating the annoying blinding halos that are extremely dangerous if we are driving.

Water repellent

Sea lovers or lovers of sailing trips? No problem, there is the right lens for you too. In your case, the treatment that will be indispensable is the water repellent treatment. The surface of the lenses will be made smooth and this will allow you not only to have water droplets that slide off quickly but, more generally, also an important reduction in dirt and dust deposited on your lenses. This is therefore a great advantage, especially for those who have lenses already treated with anti-reflective, where it is easier to notice dirt. With the reduction of reflections, in fact, impurities and dirt residues tend to be noticed more, but thanks to the addition of this treatment you can look through a lens that is always clear and clean.

Value for money

Relying on a well-known brand for the purchase of sunglasses is not to be interpreted as a choice purely dictated by fashion and current trends. Those who buy branded sunglasses, in fact, know well that in this way they are turning to someone who is certified, and this is a certain guarantee with respect to the materials used, the resistance of the product and its quality. A branded sunglasses will therefore also have a higher price because its components have been subjected to a series of tests and checks, in order to make you wear a product that really performs a protective function as well as an aesthetic one. So beware of counterfeit products, which not only could be not very resistant but even worse force your eyes to a continuous effort, risking to cause ocular nerve problems, severe headaches and an intense feeling of discomfort in the eyes.


Another element to consider when choosing sunglasses is undoubtedly the frame. Modern technologies have made it possible to have on the market a very wide variety of types of material available, suitable for the most varied needs. This type of choice also includes the aesthetic aspect, but the doubts that arise during the choice of the frame are mostly dictated by practical reasons. Plastic remains one of the most popular materials: light and resistant, it is among the first options taken into consideration also for its more accessible cost than others. On the market there are various plastics used for the frames, we try to list the advantages of some of them below:

cellulose acetate: thermoplastic material originally produced starting from cellulose, it is extremely durable and is among the cheapest in polycarbonate trade: very resistant and difficult to deform, polycarbonate is the material with which the frames of prescription glasses that are sold in pharmacies are made polyamide or nylon: here too it is a thermoplastic resin similar to acetate, and among its strengths are undoubtedly the lightness and resistance; in fact, it is widely used for the production of sports and safety eyewear capable of combining lightness and maximum protection from splinters or other harmful materials carbon fiber: material characterized by a filiform structure, it is composed of 2 or more materials (fibers carbon usually combined with a resin); it is a non-deformable, resistant, flexible and one of the lightest technical material. In addition to plastics, there are many other materials with which glasses are produced and sold today. From the super light and eco friendly wood, to the sturdy steel and more elastic than other alloys to the very precious gold frames suitable for those looking for a hypoallergenic material, the offer of materials in circulation is very rich and constantly expanding.


The shape of the glasses is also super variable, chosen both for aesthetic reasons and for the use made of them. In fact, in addition to the very charming cat-eyes or oversized glasses born in the 60s but still very popular, we also find super enveloping and protective sunglasses. This latest model has a shape designed to better protect the eyes from the sun's rays, suitable for those who play sports or who are often outdoors for work. The sports glasses are designed with an aerodynamic design and an excellent fit, in order to make them practical and extremely functional. Often these types of glasses have larger and mirrored lenses, in such a way as to protect the eyesight not only from radiation but also from dust and debris that can arise during physical activity. In short, even the shape of the glasses deserves an essential reflection at the time of purchase, in order to fully satisfy the customer's requests.

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