Sports Games That Finnish Sports Fans Would Enjoy

Just like any other nation in the world, Fins enjoy a variety of sports. Considering Finland gets a lot of snow then it’s no surprise they enjoy skiing and hockey, but they also enjoy a decent amount of motorsport and football. So, they probably enjoy a good amount of sports video games too. If you’re a Finnish sports fan and you’re looking to play something then here are some suggestions:

NHL 21

The National Hockey League is one of the many hockey leagues available and the one that has its own series of video games. If you’re a hockey fan then you’ll enjoy the NHL 21 title. As it’s the most recent one it comes with amazing graphics and mechanics to ensure a great gaming experience.

Hockey is a popular sport which is why it’s covered by a lot of online sportsbooks. These sites come with lots of sports sections like MMA, baseball, tennis, and more, and sites like go over them and offer suggestions to online bettors. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

One thing that separates NHL 21 from the other NHL video games is the Be a Pro mode. This one lets you create a hockey player and guide him through many matches as you compete for a spot in the NHL. You’ll need to have some patience though as you’ll need to build your stats match by match. Moreover, you’ll need to keep in touch with your coach, teammates, and even the media which is done via phone messages. It’s a pretty realistic outtake on hockey which is why any Finnish hockey fan will enjoy NHL 21.


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world which is why Finns love it so much. There are lots of football games available in the industry, but the most recent one is FIFA 22. This is a shiny new title which means you’ll get splendid visuals to work with, but you’ll also get a decent set of mechanics to make the most of this game. Moreover, you’ll get to play with players of the present and the past so you can enjoy the heyday of the good old days. More importantly, you’ll get to enjoy a fine game and feel like you’re part of any football team you come up with.


Steep is a bit on the cold side as it’s a skiing video game. It features some other sports such as paragliding and snowboarding too and it’s set in the Alps, so you’ll enjoy nice scenery as you’re sliding down the slopes. It has a couple of expansions too so you’ll get to enjoy some new locations. Customizing your player and lots of other mechanics will be available to you in Steep. You’ll even get to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. In short, you’ll get an amazing winter sports game in Steep if that’s what you’re looking for. Enjoy the snow!


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