Record of Ragnarok, kiim_cosplay's Aphrodite cosplay is light in the darkness

Record of Ragnarok, kiim_cosplay's Aphrodite cosplay is light in the darkness

Record of Ragnarok

How not to be enchanted by this Aphrodite cosplay made by kiim_cosplay? It is truly the light of beauty in the darkness of the net. We are obviously talking about the goddess in the Record of Ragnarok version, the one currently best known and loved.

As you can see, the cosplay was done with great rigor. kiim_cosplay has tailored a delightful dress, decorated her hairdo with flowers and made up in line with the character of the series.

lei She also interpreted the character in a very personal way, making him more pensive than the original one, so much so that he rests on a column to give her the opportunity to reflect. In short, she is a goddess who does not betray herself, even though she does not give up showing new aspects of her character.

For the rest we remind you that Record of Ragnarok tells of a tournament between men and gods in which the fate of mankind is decided. Will the mortal heroes beat the gods?

Have you noticed any mistakes?

Record of ragnarok x reader stuff

Chapter Text

Michel Nostradamus x Fem!Goddess!Reader

 1. I kinda grew attached to this mf and I don't know why or how- 2. Reader is kind goddess  3. Reader has similar traits to Tanjiro Kamado (Aka best boy in Kny) 4. This takes place after round 6, so spoilers ahead. 5. This may be long so prepare for that  

You walked alongside Brunhilde and Göll, a gentle smile on your face. You knew what the taller valkyrie was thinking. You both knew Buddha's victory against the Demon Lord, Hajun had unnerved the gods, except you, of course. 

You weren't really paying much attention to the two valkyries and what they were talking about, but you knew it was about Buddha. 

When everything was silent for a moment, you poked your head out to see what the two were staring at. 

You didn't expect another Brunhilde in the room. 

'There's two of her?? That shouldn't be possible unless it was Loki and his usual shenanigans, but I don't feel his aura at all. So who could it be?' You pondered, staring at the second Brunhilde in shock. 

'Huh? What? Huuh?! Th-There's two Hildes??' Göll shrieked, her head looking at the two Brunhildes repeatedly. A tick mark appeared on real Brunhilde's forehead. 

'What are doing here... With MY clothes on... Nostradamus?!' Brunhilde asked with anger, pointing her finger at the other Brunhilde. You and Göll looked at the ravenette valkyrie in confusion. More for Göll and you in curiosity. 

The other Brunhilde took off the clothes and revealed a male with short hair and pretty eyes. His clothes were certainly interesting to you. He threw the clothes away and cleared his throat. 

'Allow me to prophesy!' He said, pointing at you and the two valkyries. 

'The ones to win Ragnarok will be the gods!' He exclaimed, now pointing at you specifically. A small gasp left your lips and your eyes widen. 

'Y... You mean mankind's gonna lose?!' Göll exclaimed. Brunhilde and Nostradamus stared at each other for a few seconds before the male fell back from laughter. 

'Khee hee hee! You bought it!' He laughed, his loud laughter filling the room. You looked at Göll, whose face was heating up, possibly from embarrassment. You held in your giggles, covering your mouth with your hand. 

'S-sister Hilde!! What's his problem?! He's really peeving me off!!' Göll snapped, pointing at the male, clearly angry. It was really hard to keep your giggles in because of Göll's reaction. When Brunhilde was about to answer Göll, your laughter rang through the room. 

'L-Lady (Y/n)?!' Göll asked. 

'See? This lovely lady gets it.' The male smiled, leaning back. 

'As I was going to say, exactly what you see, Göll. The man before you is the most obnoxious man in all human history.' Brunhilde spoke, patting the younger valkyrie. 

'And unfortunately, he's really fucking strong.' The older valkyrie finished, scratching her head. You already knew from the aura he had. You took some steps closer, scanning the man before you with your shiny eyes. 

'Ah, just what do you think you're doing, Mon Cher?' Nostradamus asked, a cheeky grin on his face. 

'Apologies. I was just examining your aura. You have a powerful one.' You replied, your lips forming a gentle smile. 

'Th-this pervert, who tries on your clothes without your permission is strong for real?' Göll inquired, still upset about what happened a few minutes ago. 

'Yes. However, continue with your pranks and I will cut you from the roster and send you back to helheim.' Brunhilde answered, folding her arms.  

'Huh?! Not thaaaat!!' The male exclaimed. You tilted your head at sudden loudness. 

'Those monsters did stuff to me I can't even describe. Truth be told, they left my body and soul in shambles.' He shivered. You sniffed the air, the familiar scent of someone's lies reaching your nostrils. 

'To be sent back there, after you chose me to represent mankind and called me here, brunie...' He lied again, his hands clasped in a prayer. When the ravenette valkyrie opened her mouth, you stomped your foot. 

'Please stop, young one. We both know of your lies.' You snapped, you smile long gone and arms folded over your chest. 

'If you truly felt like it, you could have come back any time. Even if it took killing the guards.' Your eyes widen at the statement. This small male human could've come here without being called here? 

'I guess, yeah! There's just a certain Je-ne-sais-quoi about that place the makes it all so appealing!~' Nostradamus chimed, throwing away the white cloth he used to wipe away the fake tears. 

'H-hang on a minute! H-he's a human, right? W.. why was he in helheim?' Göll asked the question you wanted to ask. 

'He broke the god's taboo and became the only one in all humanity to be cast into helheim.' Brunhilde explained. Your eyes expressed shock and worry, mostly shock at that info. 

'Ehehehehe! Don't flatter me too much! You're overexaggerating!' Nostradamus laughed, looking all happy. 

'B-broke the god's taboo? What the heck did he do??' Göll panicked, her face showing fear. 

'He destroyed the bifrost.' Brunhilde answered. Both you and Göll held fearful expressions. Why would this human do such a thing? 

'Y-you destroyed the bifrost?! Why would you...' 

'I didn't destroy the whole thing, though. They got to me eventually!' Nostradamus admitted, poking his tongue out in a childish way. You played with the silk around your arms, not knowing how to respond to such information. 

'Is there any reason why you're here?' Brunhilde questioned, staring at the male. 

'Ooh yeah. I was just wondering if it's my turn yet.' Nostradamus recalled. That perked your interest. 

'No. Your turn is still a long way. Because you are our joker.' Brunhilde responded. A ring from her device caught all your attention. You took a spot behind her, looking down at the screen display. You sworn your felt all colour drain from your figure at the next fighter for the gods. 

'What?! Round seven is H-H-H-Hades?!' You had an idea of how Göll was feeling about that. Hades is one of the strongest Greek gods. Nostradamus and Göll were talking at once, slowly giving you a headache. Second after you moved away from the ravenette valkyrie, she shoved them off her. You moved to catch the human male, his head nearly hitting your chest. 

'Are you okay?' You asked the man, standing him up on his feet. The light haired male turned around, giving you his teasing smile. 

'I am now~' He sang, his eyes staring into yours. When you wanted to speak to the Valkyries, you didn't see them in the room. They must've took off to go find the next human fighter. You walked to the doors when you felt something grab your silk. 

'Aw, don't you wanna stay with me? Am I too much?' Nostradamus teased, sitting back down on the table with his usual self. It was like he was inviting you back to him. 

'Well, not really. I admit, I am surprised about you becoming the first human to be cast to helheim.' You admitted, your eyes closed and your gentle smile on full display. 

'What can I say, I just wanted to know what'll happen if I destroy that gate.' The male beamed. 

'By the way, you look really cute. Your slightly feminine features actually suit you very well, oh dear Nostradamus.' You complimented the man, bringing his locks of hair in your hands. 


___________Left it here cuz I don't know how to continue this 😂

Also, fun fact: Tanjiro can smell lies and hidden emotions, for those who don't know. He can also smell demons. 

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