One Piece: Junkenstein's Nico Robin cosplay doesn't need to summon other hands

One Piece: Junkenstein's Nico Robin cosplay doesn't need to summon other hands

One Piece

One Piece is one of the most loved manga and anime sagas in the world. The series is continuing and there will also be new films and especially video games. Even the world of cosplay continues to offer its own themed creations, as we can see now through junkenstein, who offers us a cosplay of Nico Robin.

Nico Robin is one of the many members of the Hat's crew. Hay . Her power is tied to the evocation of her arms and hands, which allow her to act in many ways and from multiple angles. In this cosplay, junkenstein hasn't done any special effects, but the cosplay is perfectly successful even so and clearly she doesn't need any other hands to demonstrate her passion for One Piece.

If you are passionate about animation, then you should see sailorscholar's Bunny Bulma cosplay is stronger than Goku. Here then also the cosplay of Himiko Toga of lit.mira bewitches us with her own golden eyes. Impossible not to mention the cosplay of Camie by notagaincosplays smiling at us. We close with the cosplay of Elizabeth from doll.with.a.gun is revealed with the black costume.

Tell us, what do you think of the Nico Robin cosplay made by junkenstein? Has the One Piece character been recreated in the best way, or do you think you've seen higher quality versions?

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One Piece Author Announces Month-Long Break, Confirms the Manga Will be Back With Final Saga

Eiichiro Oda has completed the long-running fight between Luffy and Kaido in One Piece. So, the incredible Wano Country arc is finally coming to an end, and the author is now ready to move forward to the next story arc. However, Oda has recently confirmed that the upcoming One Piece saga would be final. So, the next saga would bring Luffy’s journey to an end.

After releasing Chapter 1051 of One Piece, which features the aftermath of Onigashima’s battle, Oda released a statement about the manga’s future. The mangaka confirmed that One Piece is going on a month-long break, from June 27th to July 25th. As per the announcement, Oda is taking this long break because he plans to use that time to prepare for the manga’s “Final Saga.”

"ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" | Official Trailer

The author plans to visit Africa this year to guide the production of Netflix’s One Piece live-action. Oda’s previous trip to the country was ruined because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from that, the promotion for the One Piece Red film is starting with the series’ 25th anniversary. And with so many exciting this happening at once, Oda decided to take a month-long break to take a breather.

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  • One Piece will be absent from Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #30 to Issue #33, and the series will continue with Issue #34, which will come out on July 25th. However, the community will get two One Piece chapters back-to-back this month without any breaks.

    Of course, several fans fear that One Piece will end soon as the manga is in its Final Saga, but that might not be the case. The Four Emperors Saga, which includes the Wano country arc, ran for around seven years. Well, it’s safe to say that the Final Saga would run for several years as well, so we might not have to say our goodbyes to One Piece anytime soon.

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