6 economical air fryers to cook crispy without passing out

6 economical air fryers to cook crispy without passing out

In 2022, choosing a cheap air fryer has paradoxically become complex. In fact, until a few years ago these gadgets represented a sort of culinary revelation, while today on the market there are dozens of models with all too similar looks and characteristics. The reason for their success is not difficult to guess: although they are essentially small ovens with high air circulation, they have made it easy and intuitive to prepare tasty dishes as if they had been fried in oil, but without using oil.

Power of marketing, design or both, the fact is that these gadgets have depopulated in a few years, and the intense competition created to intercept the growing demand has brought prices down. From prohibitive they were, the prices of these devices have gradually become lower until they become particularly affordable, and today buying an inexpensive air fryer - that is, spending less than 100 euros - does not necessarily mean taking home a quality product. poor. However, everything is in choosing the right gadget.

In parallel with our selection of top models for each order and category, we have decided to return to the increasingly "hot" theme of air fryers by updating our selection of models cheap but reliable, for those on a budget or who want to try this cooking system without spending too much. Like the more expensive counterparts, these ovens also simulate the immersion of food in oil through the circulation of heat diffused in the cooking chamber to obtain a dry and crunchy result without grease, without extensive use of fats and without producing bad odors.

Why they cost less What cheap air fryers offer cheaper than more expensive gadgets is generally negligible for less savvy chefs. Most of the time the compromise is made on the capacity of the compartment, often less than 3 liters but still usable for cooking portions of food for two or three people. Other times the cheaper models do without LED panels that display the temperature. At other times, touch controls, preset programs or even voice commands are sacrificed, replaced by two dials for temperature and cooking time.

More important is to understand whether or not the leaning device makes compromises on the absorbed power, and therefore potentially on the temperature reached, or on other details such as the possibility of washing the components in contact with food in the dishwasher. In the first case, the air fryer could have problems with some recipes, while with the scarecrow of hand washing you risk using it less than expected.

The best economic air fryers Choose the best model according to the own needs requires to evaluate precisely characteristics such as the capacity of the compartment, the design and the types of controls. Since these are gadgets that focus on value for money, you will not be able to get the most out of each aspect, but finding a compromise is still possible. Below we have selected some of the hottest models that are worth betting on in 2022.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer (Photo: Xiaomi)

Compact and elegant, this model from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi pushes the internal temperature of the compartment up to 200 degrees and has a maximum capacity of 3.5 liters. Good for frying, with the 40 degree low power setting it can quickly defrost foods or ferment sweet and savory doughs. The goodies: the oled display with control ring and the possibility to set programs and operating times using the digital assistants.

79.90 € - buy on amazon Ariete Airy Fryer Mini 4615 (Photo: Ariete)

The colorful and compact Ariete 4615 Airy Frier Mini is a 1000 watt power air fryer, with a 2 liter internal container (just enough for about 400 grams of fries), temperature up to 200 degrees and removable parts that can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

38.88 € - buy on amazon Aigostar Hayden 30Pyc (Photo: Aigostar)

Aigostar Hayden 30Pyc is an air fryer with non-stick basket for 3.5 liters, an engine with 1500 watt power and features such as automatic shutdown timer up to 30 minutes, temperature from 80 to 200 degrees as well as the possibility of washing the removable parts in the dishwasher.

59.99 € - buy on amazon Princess Aerofryer XL (Photo: Princess)

One of the and best-selling cheap hot air fryers on Amazon thanks to the good 1500 watt power, the 3.2 liter basket capacity and a large and convenient control center with buttons and small display, the Xl version of the Princess makes use of seven preset programs, can be purchased in black and silver variants and can remove the parts involved in cooking for easy washing.

95.99 € - buy on amazon Moulinex EZ3018 Easy Fry (Photo: Moulinex)

Finally, the Moulinex EZ3018 Easy Fry model which focuses on compact dimensions and weight and on a very pleasant style complete with a touchscreen control panel to select cooking programs. With a power of 1030 watts, it can accommodate food in the 1.6 liter basket.

67,40 € - buy on amazon Aigostar Cube 30IBT (Photo: Aigostar)

The cubic design it is not for everyone but it is also the basis of its main feature: a 7-liter basket in which it is possible to cook chips for a regiment. Among the extras there is a display to view cooking times and temperatures and a touch system to select the preset programs if necessary.

€ 94.99 - buy on amazon

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