The LEGO nursery grows with two new LEGO Botanical sets!

The LEGO nursery grows with two new LEGO Botanical sets!

Inaugurated in January 2021, with the arrival of summer of the same year, the new line of LEGO Botanical sets grows thanks to a new plant, namely the LEGO Creator Expert # 10289 Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) set.

The arrival of 2022 instead brings with it a new addition to our brick flower bouquet: the beautiful LEGO Creator # 40524 “Sunflowers” ​​set gives a touch of color to the gray winter. Let's see them in detail.

LEGO Creator Expert # 10289 “Bird of Paradise”

Construction of this new LEGO BOTANICAL set begins with the buildable vase, which once completed turns out to be surprisingly solid. A whole series of specific LEGO elements are used to create an octagonal shape with STUD (the "buttons" that are normally found on the upper face of the bricks) on the sides (i.e. towards the outside) which will then be used to fit the air sections of the external surface of the vessel itself. Near the base of the vase, the Designer left a visible stud strip that reproduces the hypothetical line left in the paint before the vase was glazed. Once built, the pot weighs around 600g, which helps prevent the plant from falling over or overturning once construction is complete. Once the pot is finished, the real plant is built. It starts with the stems and then moves on to the leaves, using almost exclusively LEGO Technic elements. Once completed, the stems complete with leaves can be inserted into the vase in any position, thanks to the Technic hole system made available by Designer when designing the top of the vase. The best part of the construction is left for last: the flower heads. There is nothing particularly complicated in their construction, but you can immediately see how this simplicity was the result of a design ingenuity on the part of the Designer. The end result is really beautiful and refined, just like the real plant is. The upper part of the vase, having to make available to those who build a series of holes so that the arrangement of the stems could be free, may seem a bit unsightly: the Designer, however, has also thought of this. In fact, the set includes an envelope containing several dozen 1 × 1 plate rounds in "earth" color, thanks to which it is possible to cover the holes of the LEGO Technic bricks and at the same time simulate the soil in which the real plant would be inserted.

LEGO Creator # 40524“ Sunflowers ”set

This easy-to-assemble set contains the necessary 191 pieces to build 2 sunflowers (flowers), complete with green leaves and length-adjustable stems. By combining it with the LEGO Creator # 40460 Roses and LEGO Creator # 40461 Tulips sets, you can add even more color to the brick bouquet of the LEGO Creator Expert # 10280 “Flower Bouquet” set from the LEGO Botanical line. The inevitably repetitive construction (the sunflower flower has many petals) is made very special by the use of the element that normally forms the terminal part of the paddle for the Minifigures, which perfectly reproduces the particular appearance of the petals of the sunflower flower. A very happy intuition of the Designer without a shadow of a doubt.

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