Play Festival del Gioco 2022: role-playing game, the news at the fair

Play Festival del Gioco 2022: role-playing game, the news at the fair

Play Festival del Gioco 2022

The time has come to talk about the news coming out at Play Festival del Gioco 2022 and more precisely the new releases of role-playing games. After having dedicated space to unmissable RPGs, whose respective lists featured a selection of old and new titles, this article will focus exclusively on all the content that will be distributed (regularly or in preview) starting from the first day of Play. br>
Below you will find our list in alphabetical order by publisher. We would like to clarify that what is reported below may be subject to updates if there are new announcements between now and the beginning of the event.

Play Festival del Gioco: tickets and discounts in Modena Play 2022

Role-playing games , the news at the fair

Dreamlord Games - Nessundove

Dreamlord Games - Nessundove will present ARC, a fantasy RPG in which tension will be the main element, as each story will be marked by a countdown to the Apocalypse.

ARC will allow you to explore exotic and original atmospheres as Heroes whose mission will be the salvation of the world.

Dungeoneer Games & Simulations

During this Play Dungeoneer Games & Simulations will be released with The Buried Evil, an expansion manual for their Demons & Wizards.

The Buried Evil will contain three new adventures with new and very dangerous adversaries, demonic and otherwise, during which it will be possible to make choices in able to permanently affect the Demons & Wizards game environment.

Grumpy Bear

Non Cedere al Sonno will be a role-playing game in which you will play a person suffering from insomnia, fighting against terrible nightmares, in a city where it is never day.

Agon will tell stories of courage in which daring heroes act heedless of the envy of the gods.

Illyon Island Editions

In addition to bringing to the fair the awaited reprint of Spire: The city must fall, during Play it will also be possible to purchase the first Spire expansion manual: Strata.

Strata will present an in-depth study on the most dilapidated neighborhoods of the cursed city of Spire, on the ruthless lords who rule it and on the creatures that live in its shadows, on unimaginable rites of blood and on the terrible wonders that lurk in every corner of the city. The manual will comprehensively expand the individual neighborhoods and their hidden secrets, from the infestations of Smoke White to the Lost Acres of the Garden neighborhood, passing through the private temples of the Aelfir and their sadistic tastes.

In addition to the releases dedicated to Spire, on the occasion of Play Isola Illyon Edizioni will also have some new releases for the role-playing game City of Mist: City of Mist - Player's Guide, City of Mist - Screen of the MC and City of Mist - Set of dice.

City of Mist - Player's Guide will be a 304-page full-color manual with a hardback cover that will deepen all the lore and regulation information intended for players. For the Master of Ceremonies of the game, the MC Screen will meet you with its three rigid cardboard sides full of useful information for the development of each game.

Last (but not least) during Play they will be available the official dice of the game.

For those who wish it is available the preorder City of Mist - Mythos Bundle which can be collected at the fair and will contain the Player's Guide, the MC Screen, the dice and the PDFs of City of Mist - Player's Guide, City of Mist: The Dungeons and City of Mist: La Colonia de Sombras.

Click here to buy Spire: The city must fall

Kaizoku Press

Kaizoku Press and MP Edizioni will have the expansion manual for Dungeon Crawl Classics Il Popolo Della Fossa. It will be an adventure characterized by all the typical elements of the Old School style.

MS Edizioni

Below is the list of news:

Root: The Role Playing Game - Core Manual (Available here) Knights Of The Round: Academy (Available here) The Cthulhu Hack: The Three Faces Of Wendigo (Available Here) Alone Against Fear: Basic Manual (Available Here) Alone Against Fear: The Cavalcade Of The Dark Templars Root: Il Gioco Di Rolo will be the Italian localization of the role-playing game based on the homonymous board game with anthropomorphic animals. The narrative role-playing game Knights of the Round: Academy will make you live adventures inspired by the themes of the shonen anime, where your character will be a student who is training to become a combat robot pilot.

The expansion by The Cthulhu Hack, The Three Faces Of Wendigo will propose a series of adventures in which the main element will be the legendary creature of the Wendigo.

Alone Against Fear will be a solo horror game that uses a variation of the rules of Four Against Darkness; in this game the player will have to survive and be able to close the seven gates of hell, before being overwhelmed by the forces of evil. Alone Against Fear, on the other hand, will be an adventure in which cursed crusaders will come back to life in search of revenge.

Need Games!

What's new in Need Games! for this edition of Play they will be different and will concern Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, The only Ring 2nd Edition, Achtung! Cthulhu, Troika and Old-Scholl Essential.

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium will see the release of 5 contents, including expansion and accessories:

Sand and Dust: the Atlas of Arrakis Sand and Dust: Arrakis' Atlas Collector's Edition House Dice Set Atreides Harkonnen House Dice Set Melange Dice Set The only 2nd Edition Ring will see the release of 3 core contents:

Basic Manual Basic Manual Limited Edition from Red Book of Western Borders Collection Screen of the Master of Lore and Guide to Rivendell Achtung! Cthulhu will see the release of 5 contents, including core manuals and accessories:

Gamemaster's Guide Gamemaster's Guide Black Sun Dice Set Dice Set Blauer Kristall Troika and Old-Scholl Essential will be released respectively :

Acid Death Fantasy Knock, vol. I

Raven Distribution

At Raven Distribution's booth, Dragondale: Tears Of Stars of Role Parents, a new RPG that simplifies the mechanics of Fifth Edition in order to offer a suitable entry level experience, will be on sale for all age groups.

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